In the process of reinventing ourselves (see past posts) it is important, actually vital, that the truth of “YOU” be made clear.

 Most of you, if not all, have been to motivational speakers, teachers, consultants, guides, mentors and/or you read self-help and spiritual books…you get the answer you’ve been searching for, or clarity shines into your confusion, or relief courses through your veins, or hope flows into your heart.   

 You may think…she did it; she gave me what I needed. She has the answer. What would I do without her? She is so very wise.

 But…have you remembered that the POWER is within YOU.

 As a soul mentor I reveal what is already inside YOU!

I simply show you what you KNOW!                                                       

I reflect your WISDOM!  

 And it is with your KNOWING that you choose to get assistance.

 Although it may appear not too important, even this subtle framing of perception is giving your power over to others. Try looking at it differently by creating statements that reflect your power while at the same time appreciate your teacher, such as: She gave me an answer that felt true to me. Her wisdom resonates with mine. The information fits for me.  

 After all, you knew it was time to hear it. You received it, and you resonated to it.

You showed up. You made the choice to progress, own that power.  

It’s with your power that you grow…that you become who you choose to be.

 Yes, you can turn to teachers, guides, mentors, consultants and books …of course; they’re beneficial…but… remember it is with your wisdom and your power that you choose them, that you hear them, and that you make progress.

 The Truth of YOU…you hold the power within!

 Thanks for reading…I appreciate YOU!

 Blessings, Gloria  

Reunion MeditationA live call

This meditation is designed so you may reunite with your deceased loved ones. So you may, once again, feel the surrounding warmth of those you miss and love. So you can, on a regular basis, bridge the gap between worlds, ease your pain, and bring the peace, love, and comfort that come from revisiting, in a powerful way, with your dear ones.

In addition to the meditation you will receive a Bonus Gift, Holiday Memories, a journal that will provide a healing way for you to get down on paper your heartfelt feelings and thoughts and store those cherished memories.

This call will be recorded.

Date: Nov. 19th

Time: 6 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central

Cost: $12.00

Sign up here.


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