Your Heart is Your Gold Mine

The Wake Up to Your Open Heart of Love Program Gives you what you've been yearning know yourself as LOVE.

Your life is more than working through your issues.

 You’ve worked hard to get where you’re at.

You’ve been committed to your growth.

Yes, you know that the healing work you’ve done has helped you, yet you are surprised to find you still struggle.

Friend, I understand your struggles teach you much.

I understand you’ve grown spirtually and emotionally from your struggles. And I understand you’re committed to your growth.

And here’s what I know to be true:

You can grow without struggle. Your growth can be one of ease, grace, love and peace. You can grow and still experience yourself as Love.


Let’s walk you through the doorway of your open heart.



Let’s create your path of ease, grace, love and peace.



Let’s open the gold mine of your heart where you know and experience yourself as love.

If you’ve been feeling any of these feelings…

  • Reacting when you’re hurt or scared, or by other’s projections
  • Living in the regrets of the past or the fears of the future
  • Feeling disempowered by life, self, or others and not knowing how to turn to the love
  • Not feeling connected to the Eternal Presence of love within you
  • Burdened by your old stories, events, and hurts
  • A deep yearning for a more profound connection with yourself as the Creator

Imagine what it would be like to feel these feelings…

  • The empowerment and freedom of not reacting
  • The deliciousness of living in the present moment
  • The awakening of self-empowering and loving ways to be in relationship with your Creator, with yourself, and with the world.
  • The expansion into a greater awareness of the Eternal Presence of Love that is within you
  • The deep healing when you release old stories, events, and hurts
  • The bliss of feeling a deep, profound connection with yourself as the Creator

It is time for you to Wake Up To Your Open Heart of Love.

This is the program that gives you what you’ve been yearning for…to know yourself as Love.


With my gift of Connecting with your soul, and Celestial Light Beings I will tell you, doused with love, exactly what you need to move forward into your Open Heart of Love.

I will give you the security of not being judged and the strength to consistently move forward into a life of ease, peace, love, grace, and of course, joy, which naturally becomes a by-product.

In this program you’ll discover the bliss of being Connected while going about your eveyday life. You’ll discover what it means to be Love.

I promise I will not let your fears, doubts, and beliefs stop me from soulfully assisting you through everything that is holding you back from Waking Up to Your Open Heart of Love.

Friend, I have committed decades to my soulful growth, and to living a life with an open heart of love.

And as committed as I’ve been to my own growth, I’m just as committed to your soulful growth…I’m just as committed to you living a life with an open heart of love.

Wake Up to Your Open Heart of Love


🔸 Life-changing spiritual support over 3 months with bi-monthly calls

🔸 Unlimited email support

🔸 Bonus: Hall of Records Reading. With this gift, you’ll receive a very high vibration of truth that is unlike any other. A truth that has been written specifically for you, a truth that if you should choose to heed …will uplift you in unimaginable ways. Value priceless

Are you ready to open the gold mine of your heart and experience yourself as love?