You know…you always know.

You know when things aren’t right, when you’re craving for more or different.    

Although you may try to run from it, tune it out, ignore it, pretend the not- right-feeling doesn’t exist…

It’s inside of you! And it’s not going away with clever tactics.

I was married to a lovely man, and we had a nice life…a good life. But deep within me I knew. I knew I wanted something that I wasn’t experiencing in the life we shared. On the surface everything was fine. We didn’t have any major marital problems, and we loved each other. But still…I knew.

My craving for more gnawed at me, and all my pretending couldn’t make it go away. Although I had no idea how to emerge out of the life I was in into another life…I knew…that the only way to fill my craving was to redesign my life.

What do you know?

  • Maybe you don’t need to redesign your life, or maybe you do.
  • Maybe you ache for rest or more stimulation.
  • Maybe you feel the pull to say “NO” or “YES” to someone or something.
  • Maybe you yearn to live your passion, or start a new project.
  • Maybe you know it’s time to stop a destructive habit.
  • Maybe you hunger to go on that dream vacation.
  • Maybe you wish to live that secret life you’ve kept locked in your heart.

Whatever it is…you KNOW!

Yep, it can be scary to listen to what you know. But the cost of not listening to what you know…is pricey! (Too pricey to ignore)

No matter how dug-in you feel in your life – you know what you know.

And what you know is the answer to making the not-right-feelings, right.

Over to you:

I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Is there something you know? Are you listening? If yes, wonderful, please let me know about it. If not, why not? And if not now, when? Please share, maybe I can be of help.

Thanks so much for being here with me.

I appreciate you and your time.

In appreciation and love,



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