Sometimes in my so-called normal life, I’m granted uncommon experiences, like when I visit the place of Grace known as – The Hall of Records.

I never know what will be revealed during one of my Hall of Record’s unique sessions.

This one was amazing.

But truth be told, all my visits to the Hall of Records can only be described as nothing short of miraculous.

What transpired:

As I entered into the Hall of Records with Quan Yin (Ascended Master known as the Mother of Mercy and Compassion) in the middle of the main colossal hall there stood a large, white tube-like elevator, like something out of Star Trek.

I thought it strange that I’d never seen this tube-like elevator before in the vast hall adorned with white columns, a stone fireplace and a ceiling that appeared to reach the sky.

As Quan Yin entered the futuristic-looking elevator I followed and up we went.

Although I wasn’t physically present, I was there in mind and soul, which felt as real as the couch I was physically sitting on.

Normally I steer clear of elevators.

So, to enter an elevator in body or soul devoid of any claustrophobic tendencies was unimaginable, yet there I was with no fear, brimming with curiosity and eager anticipation for what was to come.

We moved quickly and quietly in the tube-like elevator to, what felt like, a height beyond the earthly plane.

As we stepped out of the elevator there stood the Record Keeper, and we followed her without a word down a long hallway to the door at the end.

Upon stepping foot into a room filled with files, the Record Keeper stooped and opened a small, what appeared to be, crawl space and wiggled her way into it.

Without knowing how I understood that she was getting records from my client’s very ancient past life.

The Record Keeper shared information through a screen-like projection of pictures and words.

And with the Record Keeper’s assistance, I was able to empath my client’s past life experience.

What was shown and felt from her past-life file:

I saw my client in a lab coat with clear glass bottles around her.

Some were filled with liquid.

She was deep in concentration and mixing concoctions.

I felt an intense moment and understood that my client realized she would not be able to come up with a cure to save her dying sister. (This same soul is her sister today, who by the way, adores her.)

It was in that moment of despair that her back began hurting. (A back pain that she has begun experiencing again in this lifetime.)

The Record Keeper quickly crawled back into the opening and put away the file. She then walked to the shelving in the middle of the room and pulled out another file.

I understood this was my client’s present-day file.

Present-day file:

I saw projected the words tidings and glad, then they came together as glad tidings.

I knew to ask my client what glad tidings meant to her.

She talked about the time when the angels shared with the shepherds the news of Jesus’ birth.

She said, “They brought glad tidings.”

Through the Record Keeper, I felt what the shepherds felt when they received the news, and I shared with her their high spirits. They were filled with hope, love, peace, joy, and a blissful connection to God.

The Record Keeper then shared with me through thoughts and projections what one life had to do with the other.

I had a clear understanding of how my client’s past life came together with her present life.

What I understood:

She repeated in this lifetime the same desire to be a healer.

Because of her past life in the field of medicine, she chose to heal in that same way in this lifetime.

However, what she really wants on an inherent soul level is to bring glad tidings.

She wants to instill and inspire within others the feelings of love, happiness, hope, peace, and a kindred connection with God.

The Record Keeper projected my client’s truth statement of being.

She is to say, know, live, and be, by practicing daily – “I AM a doctor of the heart who brings glad tidings.”

This is what will fill her soul yearnings.

She could go on being a healer for the rest of her life and she would not experience the fulfillment that will come from the practice of bringing glad tidings.

She was given specific practical ways to bring glad tidings into her world.

By the end of her Hall of Record’s session, the dear soul I was assisting had joy streaming through her.

From her sacred written words in the Hall of Records she can, with crystal clarity, now further her soul advancement and live in genuine fulfillment.

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Thank you for taking the time to read about an uncommon visit.

In appreciation and love,



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