Your life is more than what meets the eye.

You are so much more than the physical self you present to the world.

You are an extraordinary being with unimaginable gifts, and you have the right to align yourself with that which is beyond the physical world.

Friend, I understand that you have day-to-day responsibilities and going inward to be all you can be at a level you’ve yet to enter before can seem daunting.

Yet I know that the very essence of who you are cries out to unveil the Sacred YOU behind your fears.

Dearest, here’s what I know to be true: You are an extraordinary genius, and you have gifts just waiting to be ignited. The Holiness of who you are is so much more than you can imagine.

You Beloved One, are sacred to the Creator and to all the Creator’s glorious Heavenly Beings.

Let’s hold hands and guide you through the unveiling of your precious sacred heart.

Let’s hold the light to your genius and ignite your gifts.


Let’s open your sacred heart so wide that you know and accept yourself as the sacred, extraordinary genius you are.

If you’ve been feeling any of these feelings…

  • Envious of other’s spiritual gifts
  • Uncertain with how to connect with the Higher Realms & Ascended Masters
  • Hungry to experience your Highest and Truest Self
  • Confused about your gifts
  • Fearful of being All of you (your extraordinary, genius self)
  • Puzzled by what your spiritual truths are

Imagine what it would be like to feel these feelings…

  • Confident and content with your spiritual gifts
  • Certain with how to connect with the Higher Realms & Ascended Masters
  • Enthusiastic about your Highest and Truest Self
  • Clear about your gifts
  • Bold with being All of YOU
  • Sure of your spiritual truths

The Kindle Your Sacred Heart virtual quest & retreat gives you the way to cultivate your spiritual gifts and unveil your genius.

With my gift of Connecting with your Soul, the Celestial Light Beings and the Hall of Records…

I will with unconditional love guide you into your most glorious sacred genius self.

With this quest and retreat the Truth of your sacredness will take hold, and you will discover the Extraordinary YOU.

I give you my solemn oath that I will stand by your side, holding your hand when necessary, and do whatever it takes to kindle your Sacred Heart.

Friend, I have committed decades to my sacredness and to living a sacred life.

And as committed as I’ve been to my own sacred heart journey, I’m just as committed to your sacred heart journey.

Kindle Your Sacred Heart virtual quest & retreat

🔸 Opens once per year for a very small and intimate group of 6 women

🔸 This is powerfully transformative work for women who have done previous spiritual and personal growth work

Applications will be taken in early 2020