About Gloria Boysal

I believe in the power of truth. And as much as I believe in the power of truth I believe just as strongly in the power of love. I know from experience (mine and those I’ve assisted) that when you are fully embraced in truth + loves’ power you come home to yourself.


Hi, I’m Gloria Boysal: intuitive guide, mentor, teacher, writer, and lover of life (here and here after).

Connecting is my gift.

I connect with the deepest part of your soul, your celestial buddies, and your deceased loved ones, and when I do I tell…the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Yep, I tell the Plain Truth!

Plain: Clear, distinct, free from ambiguity, candid, simply and easily understood

Truth: The actual state of a matter.

A little about my plain truth manifesto:

  • I love the truth. Why? Because the truth beams with clarity, understanding, love, kindness, generosity, and freedom.
  • The truth will set you free…free to be fully who you are, the you you’ve been yearning to be, the you you’ve been searching to be.
  • The truth, wrapped in love, is akin to being unchained.
  • When you know the truth you come home to yourself: you come home to fully embrace who you really are…your magnificent, beautiful, creative, loved and lovable, accepted without question, YOU!
  • To know your truth is to move beyond whatever is hindering your love of you, your love of others, and your love of life (which includes your love of your creativity). To know the truth is to breathe easier. To know the truth is to set yourself FREE!!

So, what’s your plain truth?

That’s why I’m here…to reflect the plain truth for YOU!

For years, empty didn’t even begin to describe how I felt.  I was sad, angry, confused, on guard against the entire world and all who lived in it.  Something was just not right in my soul.  I knew it, but I had no idea of what or how to come to grips with all my feelings and thoughts.  That is until I began looking deep within myself.

I would never have been able to do without the loving guidance of Gloria Boysal.  Her classes, seminars, sessions, and life quest are amazingly eye opening.  Or should I say soul opening!

Gloria will guide you with truth, honesty, but more importantly, with love.  The peace I have attained and the happiness that is now my life is beyond the measure of mere words.  The person I was five years ago is unrecognizable not just to me, but to all who know me.

None of this would have been possible without the truly gifted Gloria.  Any chance to read one of her books, have a session, or attend a class, seminar, life quest, is a must.  Don’t pass up the chance to discover the truth within of your soul.

Gloria brings it all to you in the form of love without conditions or judgment. I can think of no safer way to discover the real you than through love. Thank you Gloria, my life will and never can be the same.


My Gift:

I believe we are all endowed with extraordinary gifts or blessings. My gift, and I’m overflowing with gratitude for having it, is having the ability to Connect.

Basically, this gift allows me to listen deeply and lovingly, and hear soulfully and divinely. I hear what is going on beneath…your fears, stories, illusions, doubts, etc. I hear what you most need to hear at the present time to move forward in your life (partnerships, career, spiritual path, family, etc.) with the greatest ease.

I hear what will help you to be fully FREE!

I’m also graced with the gift of hearing from the other side. I bring you peace and resolution by connecting with your deceased loved ones and bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth.

Who Am I?

Well, simply stated, like you I’ve had many twists and turns, and like you, I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve been widowed and divorced and presently (and in the future) I’m happily married. I live in Hawaii with my adorable husband and my precious kitty-cat.

I spend my days hanging out with my Love and our kitty cat taking care of our home, writing, intuiting Connecting sessions, walking in the rain forest, meditating, and basically just soaking up life. And I’m super excited these days with growing my business in new ways to help you.

I love life!

And my greatest pleasure is helping others love their lives, which of course starts with fully embracing truth + loves’ power.


Back to you – Ways I can help you:

I’ve helped business leaders, stay-at-home-moms, other intuitives, teenagers, spiritual seekers, those lost in confusion, and in deep grief…embrace truth + loves’ power to live fully and freely.

Here are the services I offer:

Rise Higher and Come Home to You – An 8 month soulful life changing program

Shine Clarity – For first time clients an initial soulful session

Peace and Resolution Sessions – to help you with the support you seek with your deceased loved ones.


Gloria’s Connecting – where truth and loves’ power takes you home to yourself.

More formal bio

Gloria’s gift of being a Pure Channel, which she calls, Connecting, is expansive and life-changing. She has the capacity to connect with the depths of a person’s soul, the Celestial Kingdom, and with deceased loved ones.

With her profound yet gentle loving style her sessions flow easily, while going straight to the heart of the matter. She brings clarity and truth to situations of confusion, sadness, frustration, hopelessness, grief, and fear.

Gloria’s invaluable insight along with her assigned exercises gives you exactly what you need to move through your fears, doubts, and blocks with ease and at your own pace, creating  beautiful life-changing results.

And her Peace and Resolution session (with deceased loved ones) bridges the gap between worlds, eases your pain, and brings peace, resolution, love, and comfort.


Some Professional History:
•    Preschool  teacher
•    Parent and teacher Instructor
•    International Speaker
•    Metaphysics teacher
•    Hypnotherapist
•    Neuro Linguistic Programmer
•    Reiki Master
•    Trained in Adlerian Psychology

My Developments:
Courses, Classes, Workshops, Retreats/Quests, radio show, books, and my newest
•    Metaphysical classes
•    Body Mastery hypnosis course and class
•    Enlightened couple’s class
•    Truth Class
•    Goddess Within workshop
•    Sacred Soul Journey workshop
•    Retreats
•    Hawaii vision quest
•    Mentorship programs
•    Gloria’s Truth Talk – internet radio show
•    Books – short stories and a prayer book
•    Podcast – The Plain Truth, coming soon