While holding my hand and taking a walk with me, my husband smiles and says, “You’re doing better.”

I smile back and say, “I am! Aren’t I?!”

I then say, “You’re doing better too.”

He returns my smile and says, “I Am!”

We walk a while without any words between us, each smiling.

After a bit, I say, “That book has really made a difference for us.”

My husband responds, “Yes, it has.”

Small annoyances, moments of feeling hurt by the other, or expectations of what he/she should do…seem to have disappeared, and without having to work hard to make it happen.

Not only does that book continue to make a profound difference in our daily lives with each other, but it’s also making a profound difference with all others.

It doesn’t matter if it’s someone we meet for the first time…a stranger in line at the grocery store, a sales call, or the slow driver in front of us, or a longtime friend, acquaintance, or family member – the results are the same.

We’re doing better!

We’re letting go of our expectations, our perceived slights, and taking things personally, and in the process of doing that we’re discovering the genuine happiness that comes from caring about others’ happiness.

We’re learning what it means to share Real Love.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re far from perfect with our sharing of Real Love. We still have our moments. But our moments are getting fewer and fewer.

And our happiness is growing daily. (I feel like I’m in a gleeful life dance.)

From the overflow of our happiness, we share this powerful book – Real Love by Greg Baer, with our family and friends.

However, we’re discovering that most of those we share the book with are not having the profound experience that we’re having.

In a state of perplexity, I wonder – why is it others are not having life-transforming, loving experiences from this powerful book like my husband and me?   

I continue to wonder until one day in meditation:

Here is what happened: (I share more about this here: You Are Graced)

While in meditation I feel this building of excitement, much like a child feels when opening Christmas presents.     I ask what it’s about.

I then see the Real Love book that continues to change the way I look at Love.

Next, I see a group of people.

And I know.

I know that I will be teaching a course based on this powerful, life-changing book on Love. 

Then I see her. A beautiful Being emanating so much light and love that she takes my breath away.


With tears filling my eyes, I understand that this most wonderful, loving Being from the Most-High has come forth to assist me for the special purpose of teaching this course based on love.

This meditation answers my question – why is it others are not having life-transforming, loving experiences from this powerful book like my husband and me?  

I now understand.

I now understand to wholeheartedly accept and fully embrace Real Love is to surrender and trust in yourself and in your loved ones.

I understand that this may feel like a huge undertaking!

I understand that this may feel like too much to do on your own.

I understand the importance of having support.

You don’t have to go it alone.

You can join the Supreme Love course and get all the unconditional love and support you need.

The Supreme Love course, backed with my unconditional love and compassion, along with the Divine loving, overlighting assistance from the Ascended Master Lady Nada, will enfold you in a high vibration of Love.

This enfolding of a high vibration of love will provide the support and the security needed to wholeheartedly accept and fully embrace Real Love into your life.   

So, you too can have profound life-transforming, loving experiences. 

If you’ve been searching for that “secret something” for your happiness, search no more. This course is designed to give you that which you’ve been yearning for – real, lasting happiness.

Join here: Supreme Love course

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at gloria@gloriasconnecting.com.

With all my Real Love,



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