The other day I was questioning if I had the wherewithal to put into action my new plan for my business. And I got it! My doubts didn’t have anything to do with who I AM or my capabilities.

In fact, I know when I set my mind and heart to do something that I can align my energies and move forward with it. I can do it!

So what was going on? I was caught up in an old reflection…an old story.

When we’re children we believe the reflections coming back to us from adults, culture, experiences, etc. is who we are.

We then write our life book (who we believe we are) based on what we see, which is based on what we’ve been told or what we’ve experienced.

We can become quite attached to our life book after all; we’ve been carrying around the same ole book throughout our lives…we’re so familiar with every page!  We know it forwards and backwards!!

If we’re not careful our life book becomes the stories we live by, it becomes our gospel truth!

But… if our stories belie who we are, if they punish or demean us, if they keep us small, if they keep us afraid – do we really want to hold onto them – if so, at what cost?

We don’t have to allow old reflections to mirror who we are today.

We can create a new life book by rewriting our old stories.

  • When you have a self-defeating thought/feeling, stop and ask, “Where is this coming from? Is this an old story?”
  • Take a moment, breathe deeply and listen to your response.
  • If a memory or voice (a parent, teacher, etc.) comes forth, ask self, “What would I like instead?”
  • Give YOU what YOU would like. Say it the way you wish it would have been said or create a new picture with the outcome you wanted.
  • Repeat your new story until it feels more real than your old story.

When we rewrite our life book, our life reflections mirror who we really are and who we are becoming.

How about you? I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Is there an old story that is keeping you from experiencing who you really are? If so, rewrite it.

Happy rewriting,


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