Ever feel like you just can’t get beyond your projections (you know all those things others do that hurt you).

Ever feel like you can’t relax into, and share, the love that you know is inside of you?

I understand.

I remember when my projections (old wounds, hurts, anger, etc. that I knew others were doing to me) clouded everything in my life.

I remember my deep desire to share the love that I knew was below my hurt.

I knew I had a well-spring of love to experience for myself and to share with others, but my projections just kept getting in my way.

I’m so grateful for my dedication to my growth.

My dedication has opened the way for me to understand the depth of my love and to embrace that love for myself and for others.

Now I rarely get caught up in my projections, and when I do, I can bounce back rather than fall apart.

For I understand my projections are just – my projections.

They’re not the truth of what is happening.

The truth is an old wound is calling to be healed.

The way to heal is through love.

Love beckons us to return to its sweet embrace.

Dearest, that’s why I’m teaching my upcoming course – Supreme Love, to give you the opportunity to allow Love to heal and change your life with its sweet embrace.

When you choose Supreme Love everything changes.

You heal the wounds of your past and create fulfilling relationships in every area of your life.

You create genuine happiness.

It starts next week.

Check it out here.

Thanks for being here with me.

With love,


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