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I provide high truth soulful insight through Connecting Sessions for individuals and groups.

I will give you the information that your Soul most wants you to know right now.

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You’re in the right place, if…

  • You open doors and go through them, you’re searching.
  • You have choosen a path and you need help moving through it.
  • Your path is clear and you need validation and support.
  • You need enhancement for your chosen path.
  • You go to the higher realms for answers and you want understanding and Connection.

Gloria has changed my life in many glorious ways! Her gift of connection is priceless and beyond words. For many years and through many challenges, she has put me in touch with my inner “Virtuosa” to see myself as a child of God.

Susan Reno

Gloria’s gift comes with profound consequences – the betterment she gives to one, is in turn passed on to others in a multitude of ways, which in turn is passed on in kind to yet another wave of recipients; and the cycle continues.

J. K., Physician Scientist

Gloria helped me to heal my relationship with my father who was killed in an accident when I was 15. I had been in a fight with him before he died and never had time to resolve things between us until Gloria helped me reconnect with him. Now he is one of my best ally’s in this world and the other. The peace this has brought my heart is priceless.

Adrienne Cobb

Some ways I’ve helped

A successful CEO was feeling disconnected from himself and from God. He didn’t believe it was possible to have a personal relationship with God or a connected relationship with himself. He thought God was something “out there.” Through working with me he came to a new understanding. He said, “Wow, God is within me. I never knew I could actually have a relationship with my maker!” And he went on to confide that he now relates to himself in a “real and meaningful way.” He says he has finally found the meaning of true success.

A therapist I was helping called and confided that she was concerned she needed to see a psychiatrist and get some prescribed medications. After soulfully listening I heard that what she most needed was to reconnect with herself. After applying my practical, specific exercises she called and said she felt like a new person and was doing great, and she wouldn’t be seeing a psychiatrist and taking any medication after all.

A new client called and asked me to help her prepare for her death. She truly believed she was dying and was ready to give up on life. Through deep soulful listening I quickly heard the Truth. She wasn’t dying; she was afraid of living. She is now focused on her passions and living with gusto!

A client wanted to get pregnant through the invitro process; she had tried on her own 8 times. When she shared her disappointment I asked her if she were ready to have her babies. I heard a resounding YES! I listened deeply and instructed her HOW to connect with her embryos, (she wanted twins) and allow the process to work. I’m happy to report that after working with me the invitro process worked (the very next time) and she now has 2 beautiful girls.

The latest from Soulful Insights

Who Holds the Power in Your Life – You or Your FEARS?

I remember the final moments before stepping out on the stage to teach a seminar for an especially large group. In my mind the size of the group made presenting appear SCARY! In fact, as I peered into the group from behind the curtain my knees turned to jello, my belly acted as if it were on a roller coaster ride and my hands were so clammy that I grabbed some paper towels to dry them. I remember my trembling body as I tentatively walked onto the stage. I also remember that the moment I turned my attention away from my fear and onto my audience my fear left. Ever do something that you’re afraid of? What happens to the fear? It goes away, right? When we’re about to do something and our fear comes up and we know we’ll do it anyway, we’re facing our fear, and, as if by magic, our fear goes away. But what about the times we’re not willing to face our fear – what about the times we mask our fear with such cleverness that we’re not even aware that we’re masking it! Take a peek: Do you mask your fear with any of these clever tactics? Stay so busy you feel distracted by your life Resist change Forgo challenges Go along with others when you know you don’t want to go along Pretend to feel okay when you don’t feel okay Resign to life with your…partnership, work, creativity, spirituality, body, etc.? If you can relate to any of the above tactics – take a moment and do a little shift-a-roo and go... read more

What’s Your Soulful Plain Truth?

In my business, and life, I talk a lot about the Soul and the Plain Truth. My Plain Truth manifesto is on my website, and it’s the name of the divine messages I share on my weekly podcast. My life is based on living from my Soulful Plain Truth. And my work is based on listening to your Soulful Plain Truth. So why do I consider the Soulful Plain Truth so central to who I am and what I do? Well, first of all, I think it’s necessary to define Soulful Plain Truth: Soulful: Expressing your soul (Your soul is that part of you that is sacred, having a human experience, and knows your highest good.) Plain: Clear, distinct, free from ambiguity, candid, simply and easily understood. Truth: The actual state of a matter. So…the Soulful Plain Truth is the simple, easily understood, actual state of what your soul knows and wants for you. Why the Soulful Plain Truth is central to who I am and what I do: I consistently and devotionally focus on being All of who I AM which is why living my Soulful Plain Truth is central to who I am. The Soulful Plain Truth is central to working with you (clients) because when I share with you your Soulful Plain Truth I am sharing that which will serve your life and all that you are, and do, the most. I know when you hear and abide to your soulful truth you move beyond whatever is hindering your love of you, of others, of your life. And when you follow your soulful truth you set... read more

Ever Wonder What it Would Feel Like to be Totally FREE?

In answer to this question is your first thought about time? Do you wonder what it would be like to have more time with your day to day routines – your children, work, projects, home, other obligations or responsibilities? Well friends, I’m not talking about having more time, nope, I’m talking about something much deeper, and more important, than time. I’m talking about what it means to be FREE in being who YOU are. I’m talking about…having that inner strength and self love to own and express, without altering, your authentic, true-to-you SELF. Why am I talking about this? Because dear friends, I know firsthand and from my clients that altering your authentic self can become a learned pattern of behavior, a pattern that if you get stuck in can alter you so much that you become unrecognizable to yourself. You may become so accustomed to being who you think you’re supposed to be that you’re not aware you aren’t being your authentic self, which is the key to total FREEDOM! Are you someone who goes out of your way to make others comfortable (at any price), or takes care of everyone (no matter how you feel), or entertains the crowd, or is always nice or polite, or generous to a fault, or never shares an opinion that differs, or pretends to be less than you are, or…? If so… is this really the authentic YOU? The gravity of not being authentic – is like wearing a muzzle over your heart! My passion runs deep about this all important topic, so much so, I could probably write a book.... read more

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