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Gloria has changed my life in many glorious ways! Her gift of connection is priceless and beyond words. For many years and through many challenges, she has put me in touch with my inner “Virtuosa” to see myself as a child of God.

Susan Reno

Gloria’s gift comes with profound consequences – the betterment she gives to one, is in turn passed on to others in a multitude of ways, which in turn is passed on in kind to yet another wave of recipients; and the cycle continues.

J. K., Physician Scientist

Gloria helped me to heal my relationship with my father who was killed in an accident when I was 15. I had been in a fight with him before he died and never had time to resolve things between us until Gloria helped me reconnect with him. Now he is one of my best ally’s in this world and the other. The peace this has brought my heart is priceless.

Adrienne Cobb

Some ways I’ve helped

A successful CEO was feeling disconnected from himself and from God. He didn’t believe it was possible to have a personal relationship with God or a connected relationship with himself. He thought God was something “out there.” Through working with me he came to a new understanding. He said, “Wow, God is within me. I never knew I could actually have a relationship with my maker!” And he went on to confide that he now relates to himself in a “real and meaningful way.” He says he has finally found the meaning of true success.

A therapist I was helping called and confided that she was concerned she needed to see a psychiatrist and get some prescribed medications. After soulfully listening I heard that what she most needed was to reconnect with herself. After applying my practical, specific exercises she called and said she felt like a new person and was doing great, and she wouldn’t be seeing a psychiatrist and taking any medication after all.

A new client called and asked me to help her prepare for her death. She truly believed she was dying and was ready to give up on life. Through deep soulful listening I quickly heard the Truth. She wasn’t dying; she was afraid of living. She is now focused on her passions and living with gusto!

A client wanted to get pregnant through the invitro process; she had tried on her own 8 times. When she shared her disappointment I asked her if she were ready to have her babies. I heard a resounding YES! I listened deeply and instructed her HOW to connect with her embryos, (she wanted twins) and allow the process to work. I’m happy to report that after working with me the invitro process worked (the very next time) and she now has 2 beautiful girls.

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