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I provide high truth soulful insight through Connecting Sessions for individuals and groups.

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  • You open doors and go through them, you’re searching.
  • You have choosen a path and you need help moving through it.
  • Your path is clear and you need validation and support.
  • You need enhancement for your chosen path.
  • You go to the higher realms for answers and you want understanding and Connection.

Gloria has changed my life in many glorious ways! Her gift of connection is priceless and beyond words. For many years and through many challenges, she has put me in touch with my inner “Virtuosa” to see myself as a child of God.

Susan Reno

Gloria’s gift comes with profound consequences – the betterment she gives to one, is in turn passed on to others in a multitude of ways, which in turn is passed on in kind to yet another wave of recipients; and the cycle continues.

J. K., Physician Scientist

Gloria helped me to heal my relationship with my father who was killed in an accident when I was 15. I had been in a fight with him before he died and never had time to resolve things between us until Gloria helped me reconnect with him. Now he is one of my best ally’s in this world and the other. The peace this has brought my heart is priceless.

Adrienne Cobb

Some ways I’ve helped

A successful CEO was feeling disconnected from himself and from God. He didn’t believe it was possible to have a personal relationship with God or a connected relationship with himself. He thought God was something “out there.” Through working with me he came to a new understanding. He said, “Wow, God is within me. I never knew I could actually have a relationship with my maker!” And he went on to confide that he now relates to himself in a “real and meaningful way.” He says he has finally found the meaning of true success.

A therapist I was helping called and confided that she was concerned she needed to see a psychiatrist and get some prescribed medications. After soulfully listening I heard that what she most needed was to reconnect with herself. After applying my practical, specific exercises she called and said she felt like a new person and was doing great, and she wouldn’t be seeing a psychiatrist and taking any medication after all.

A new client called and asked me to help her prepare for her death. She truly believed she was dying and was ready to give up on life. Through deep soulful listening I quickly heard the Truth. She wasn’t dying; she was afraid of living. She is now focused on her passions and living with gusto!

A client wanted to get pregnant through the invitro process; she had tried on her own 8 times. When she shared her disappointment I asked her if she were ready to have her babies. I heard a resounding YES! I listened deeply and instructed her HOW to connect with her embryos, (she wanted twins) and allow the process to work. I’m happy to report that after working with me the invitro process worked (the very next time) and she now has 2 beautiful girls.

The latest from Soulful Insights

Our Departed Loved Ones KNOW and Help

I call her, and I can feel that he is already here…waiting to reconnect. The energy is palpable, tingling with expectation. Before I can pray or have us take in some deep breaths, he looks at his watch and shows me the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I giggle at his eagerness. (She tells me that their girls watched Alice in Wonderland the night before.) We breathe deeply, I pray, and he understands – it’s time! He comes toward me, and I feel the importance of what he is about to say. He professes his love and goose-bumps rise on my arms and legs and tears well up in my eyes as I feel the depth, beauty, and purity of their bond. Once the connection is made and he knows that she knows it is him and feels the connection between them, her departed husband, with his broader-than-earthly-wisdom, shares with his beloved exactly what she needs to hear in every area of her life. He doesn’t miss a beat. He covers everything: children, health, gifts, in-laws, future, and even cooking. He shows me a stool that he wants her to put in the kitchen so he can sit on it, watch her and help her with the cooking. (She shares with me that he had his own musician’s stool, and that he was the cook of the family.) Her husband may be deceased but he KNOWS all about her life, and he is eager to assist her and their children in any way he can. I remember after my first husband died that I often wished that he could... read more


Stuff happens…stuff beyond our control…a family member or friend gets sick, someone dies, a natural catastrophe occurs, a job loss in the family- Stuff HAPPENS! The question is – what do we do when stuff happens? Well friends, this week I had family stuff happen, stuff outside my realm of control. The truth for all of us is – there’ll always be things that happen that are outside our realm of control. The question is – how we handle ourselves when we are in the midst of the uncontrollable. Do we fall apart? Or…do we have a built-in reserve of inner strength to call upon? Daily I hang out with myself in a deep state of relaxation and focus on connecting with the sacred part of me. Why? I mean, isn’t everyday a bit much? NO! Because I’m willing to hang out with the deeper, inner part of me on a daily basis I have a reserve to call upon – When. Stuff. Happens! (And friends, I’m more peaceful in my day-to-day doings.) Don’t wait for a crisis to occur to find out what you are made of. Build on your inner strength NOW: meditate, pray, walk in nature, say affirmations, journal, do something that connects you with YOU… so you have a reserve to call upon – When. Stuff. Happens! How about you…I would love to hear from you. Do you have a daily strength building practice? If so, how does it support you? If you don’t have a daily practice, what’s keeping you from having one? And what are you willing to do about it? Thanks for... read more

Sharing the Work of my Heart with YOU

I am eager (and a bit timid) to share with you my calling-of-the-heart writings, which I was inspired to name – The Plain Truth. My heart expands each time I sit down to write out these divine words: sometimes I am amazed, in a most delightful way, sometimes I am soothed, much like a baby being rocked, and sometimes I am blown away, by the power of the candid truth. (The candid truth part is what I am a bit timid about sharing.) I truly never know, until the moment I breathe in deeply and listen soulfully, what Divine Wisdom will come through. What I do know is that each Plain Truth message is divinely inspired and meant to be shared with the world. I also know that each message brims with heart-opening, life-changing advice, and when listened to or read regularly, and adhered to – brings you to a Higher Chapter in your life…higher love, liberty, freedom, hope, joy, and connection. Dearest friends, in heart-felt appreciation, I offer you as a gift the writings of my sacred heart – The Plain Truth. You may listen to these Divine messages and/or read the written words. Once you register you will receive The Plain Truth weekly message or a monthly summarization, whichever you desire. As you listen to the Plain Truth may you rejoice in who you are, and may you always live your Plain Truth. With love and gratitude, Gloria Share... read more

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