I’m often asked the question: “How can I be intuitive?”

Here are my thoughts about intuition:

I believe we all have gut feelings.

We all sense a gravitational pull to do or not do something.

We all get hunches.

We all get intuitive messages. I call them soulful insights.

The question is: Do we pay attention to them?

Think about it…I bet you can remember a time, maybe recently, when you felt a hunch, or a gut feeling, or a sense to do or not do something, or maybe you heard a particular word, phrase or song repeatedly.

These sensations, feelings, pulls, and repetitive words are insights from your soul. They are cues from your intuition asking you to pay attention.

If you find yourself questioning those inner nudges (they may seem so deceptively simple) remember your soul knows you like no other and is giving you a message that… if you pay attention, you will be able to decipher your way through and receive insight that will always be in your favor.

If you are questioning your ability to listen and understand those undefined bodily or feeling cues, or repetitive messages, here are some questions to help you in following your soulful, intuitive insights.

Note: You’ll want to breathe deeply when asking these questions.

1. What am I being told? (Especially useful when hearing a word or song or a single thought repeatedly)
2. What is this feeling/sensation trying to tell me? (May want to breathe continuous deep breaths while listening to the answer)
3. Is this a message of some kind? ( Use when the feeling/sensation is not strong but lingers)
4. Am I being told to do this? Or… Am I being told to not do this? (When you feel a pull)

Your intuition (soulful guidance) is your compass; it will always lead you in the right direction.

With all my love,

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