As a guest on a Facebook live, I was asked a great question.

Here it is:

What do you find is the biggest problem/issue people have?”

Without hesitation, I answered, “Self Judgement.”

I went on to share that without acceptance growth is nearly impossible.

(Anytime you judge you’re not accepting.)

Here’s how I helped myself today with acceptance.

After my cat woke me up in the wee hours of the morning I couldn’t go back to sleep.

While laying wide awake I noticed some anxiety.

I began breathing deeply and with wonder and curiosity, I asked, “What is this about?”

I began seeing scenes, much like a projector screen, of my childhood.

I saw childhood times when I didn’t speak up and share the truth of how I felt. (Yesterday I noticed a sore throat coming on.)

As I continued to breathe I felt the sadness of those times.

I began saying the Hono Pono prayer to that little girl that still lives inside me.

I love you, I’m so sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.”

As I continued to breathe deeply and repeat the prayer my anxiety began lessening.

As my anxiety lessened I felt waves of love and appreciation for what I’ve been through and who I’ve become.

What I didn’t do…I didn’t judge myself or try to pretend that what I was feeling wasn’t real.

What I did do… I accepted how I felt.

And that, my friend, is how healing takes place.

If you too would like to heal with acceptance the most loving, gentle way to do this is to get curious. The easiest and most loving way to get curious is by asking yourself a question as I did above.

A message about curiosity and its healing power:

Take a curious peek and the shadow disappears:

Inside you, you have a gold mine of treasure.

Within your crevices and corners, behind your outer appearance, is your well-spring of answers.

If you will stop and take a curious peek into your interior self you will find that you are more than you know.

You will find that you have within you the wherewithal to face any lurking shadow.

Only when you try to run from your shadows will your shadows follow you.

Your shadows may come in the forms of fear, or doubt, or anxiety.

Do not be concerned with what form your shadow takes.

Be willing to be curious about it.

Allow your curiosity to override your judgments of it.

Your curiosity will open the way for you to face your shadows.

And once you face them they lose their power.

So take a curious peek and watch your shadows disappear.

May your self-acceptance continue to grow.

With all my love and appreciation,


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