So you’re going about your day and it’s a good day, nothing out of the ordinary, you’re doing whatever it is you usually do on a daily basis. Then you have a flicker of a thought about one of your issues. (A lingering hurt, a haunting guilt, a stab of unworthiness)

Do you label your issue as mucky and grovel in it? (Have a pity party)

Do you get busy and attempt to ignore it? (A suppressing tactic)

What do you do?

Today while meditating I feel love so palpable that it brings tears to my eyes… that is until I pray for help. As soon as I think of my issue (a feeling of being left out – childhood stuff) my love fest abruptly ends and a heavy, anxious feeling takes its place.

Immediately I understand, at a deep, core level, that just because my attention is on an issue doesn’t mean I have to change my state of being. As I lay there contemplating the idea of staying light (as opposed to heavy hearted) I hear, asking for help with an issue is no different than ordering a sandwich at a café.

My thoughts explode: WOW!

  • I can ask for help with anything and I don’t have to feel weighed down by it!
  • I can think about any issue and I can hold love in my heart while thinking about it!
  • I don’t have to let go of the love just because I have an issue?  

So why do I (or we) let go of the love when faced with an issue?

In the healing power of love, I understand that it’s our judgments of our issues that keep us tied to them. It’s our judgments that hold us to our discordant emotions…our anxiety, our fear, our guilt, and our self-deprecating thought patterns.

As the truths take hold of me and I sink deeper into my meditation l feel, in every fiber of my being, love’s omnipotent healing.

Imagine love’s healing power overriding your issue.


Over to you: How do you think you would feel about your issue if you were to hold it in the power of love?

What difference would love’s power make in your life?


Thanks for being here with me.

I bow in appreciation to you.



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