While driving the short distance from my village back to my home and thinking about my friend and her family (they had a family member move on last week) I hear my friend’s deceased mother’s name (Bonnie) then I hear, “Tell Kitty to stop the hedgehog.”

My first thought, what is a hedgehog? After satisfying my curiosity and looking up hedgehog (porcupine) I call my friend and give her the message.

Within minutes of returning home and calling my friend, Kitty, I receive a call from another friend who needs clarity. Well, her deceased father who regularly visits comes forth and sheds the light of truth… and gives her the clarity that brings her heart peace.

I’m not sure exactly the first time I heard from a deceased soul. But I did believe it was some kind of fluke that, every now and then, I would clearly hear (actually be told to give a message) from someone who had moved on.

Nowadays, I talk with our other-side friends quite regularly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit down and converse with them over a cup of coffee. But, I do hear from them when I call them forth on behalf of their loved ones, or when they clearly want a message given.

I remember in the early days when I still thought my hearing was a fluke, I hear, from one of our other-side friends; “Tell her to buy the featherbed.”

I respond, “I’m not telling her to buy a featherbed!”

Immediately I hear back, “Yes, you will.”

Quite adamantly I say, “The other messages you gave me were important this one is not, so I’m not telling her!”

I hear, “Yes, you will and you will tell her at the perfect time.”

So months go by and then she (the her I was supposed to tell) attends a workshop of mine. On break I feel this compelling pull to tell her about the featherbed. I start out with a disclaimer. “This isn’t important but your husband wanted me to tell you, so I’m telling you.”

With every part of her attentive, I say, “You’re supposed to buy a featherbed.”

She responds, “Oh my God! I have a coupon for a featherbed and was wondering if I should buy it!”

I now understand that our friends from the other-side have a broader perspective than we do, so there’s no need to question their messages.

My dear friends, I know from firsthand experience the loss we can feel when our loved ones make their transition, and how dead they can feel to us. But, I also know from firsthand experience (through hearing and seeing our other-side friends) that they exist, they are aware of us, and they are fully living.

I’d like to share with you an excerpt on this topic from my soon-to-be podcast, The Plain Truth.

To mourn is a human condition: To mourn is the way of most. To seek solace at the time of a loved one’s transition is common. When you can’t see, hear, or touch the one you love, you feel as if their presence is missing and you experience a void. Gently reminding yourself of the truth of your loved one’s evolution may help you in the mourning process. The truth is your loved one is not gone. The truth is your loved one has moved on in her or his evolution, and is very much aware of you.

If you have a loved one who has moved on, you may try talking with them. Although you may not hear them, (you may sense them) they will hear you. (They may even be standing next to you or gently touching you.)

Although our other-side friends may feel dead to us…they live on!  And they know what’s what with us, in detail!

Over to you: I would love to hear from you.

How do you feel knowing your loved one is aware of you?

Have you had any experiences with your deceased loved ones?

Thanks for being here with me.

I appreciate you and the space you give me in your heart.

Much love and appreciation,


P.S. Hey friends, the monthly truth call is coming up next  Wed. at 7 PM Central. If you have a question you would like answered or a deceased loved one you would like to connect with make sure to join us.

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