I have made many a goal to embody what I call High Qualities – compassion, patience, love, empathy – always with the intent to become that quality.

I’d start out full of verve. “I will embody this, no matter what!”

And then the first sign of falling short I’d chastise myself.

I was trying to push myself to embody the quality, much like a general giving orders, instead of allowing myself, through the power of my love, to relax into the quality.

I didn’t know I could relax into the high quality by loving myself into it. Thank goodness, I’ve come to understand the power of my love.

I often hear clients say, “I’ll work on it.”

Feeling their words loaded with the intent to push, I respond, “It’s not about working on it; (it can be anything from being compassionate, or peaceful, or creative, or courageous, or organized, etc.) it’s about relaxing into who you really are.”

The truth is we all have within us the capacity for being anything we wish to be. We are all compassionate, loving, peaceful, creative, joyful beings…it’s just a matter of relaxing into being the truth of which we are.

We don’t have to push ourselves to be more of anything. When we ALLOW ourselves to RELAX into being who we really are, we will naturally be that which we desire.

When we push for something, it’s the same as pushing against something…it is still resistance. (See post about flowing.)

The next time you find yourself pushing for anything (embodying a high quality, quitting a bad habit, starting a new endeavor, taking better care of your health, etc.) stop…take a deep breath, and ask yourself some allowing questions.

  • “How can I lovingly move forward?”  
  • “How can I relax into this?”
  • “If I were allowing instead of pushing I would, or I wouldn’t…?”

The questions will open your mind to the possibility of moving forward without the need to push.

I would love to hear from you:

Do you find yourself pushing? If so, what do you do to stop the resistance?  (Remember pushing = resistance)

Thank you for your time.

I truly appreciate YOU!



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