Do you ever feel like this…

I fear I’ll never be able to live my dream.

Take heart my friend, and listen up…you can live your dream.

Here’s my dream-come-true story:

About a year and a half ago I took piano lessons.

I thought, finally my dream is coming true. 

In my imagination the process of learning to play would be a fun challenge! I soon found out fun wasn’t part of the equation, well at least not most of the time.

You see…I didn’t care about becoming a classical pianist.

I just wanted to play some favorite tunes, be able to play holiday music at gatherings, and dare I say, have fun.

However…that’s not how my teacher saw it. So I quit and in quitting felt the loss of my dream.

But an insatiable desire does not go away and mine demanded to be filled.

It would sneek up on me in the most unexpected moments…while walking, doing dishes, talking with a client, and while falling asleep.

So to honor my determined desire I decided I would pray about it and while praying I would imagine it happening.

For the life of me I didn’t see a way to fill my passion to play. I live in a small village with one piano teacher, but nevertheless I prayed and imagined anyway.

And lo and behold, the great Divine answered my prayer.

Yesterday I signed up for a course with the “piano guy,” and he’s all about teaching in a fun way.

YAY! My dream is coming true.

So what did it take for my dream to come true?

You may be thinking the answer is prayer. Yep, I prayed.

But in order for me to be willing to pray, I had to believe that it was possible even when I couldn’t see a way.

And the way I held the belief of possibility was to imagine it without knowing how it could come to be.

So many times in my life I’ve wanted something and try as I might couldn’t see a way for it to happen.

I bet you can relate.

So what do you do when your dream seems impossible?

Do you try to close the door to your dream?

I say try because that passionate yearning inside of you waits, like a cat in a stealth position, determined to have its desire.

Dearest, if you’ve been trying to push down your desire, it’s time to stop pushing and let your desire grow.

It is possible to believe, even when you have no clue how to live your dream.

To help you with the Number 1 step to living your dream – to help you BELIEVE, I have a gift for you.

Please take the time to get your gift and listen to it.

After all your dream is waiting.

Get my FREE audio meditation and handout Imagine Your Perfect World and Have It Now to make your dream life REAL.

I know you can be FREE, and I’m here to support your FREEDOM.

With all my love and appreciation,


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