Yes, it’s the season for gift giving, and I love it!

The anticipation of what’s to come as I listen deeply for the gift idea to present itself, is akin to a child’s anticipation of the surprises awaiting the big day.

Yep, I love gift-giving.

However as much as I love gift-giving, I’m fully aware that to give a gift out of the abundance of love in your heart, you first have to feel that love in your heart…not only for the person you’re gifting but for yourself as well.

You know that old saying – You can’t give away what you don’t have.

You want to give a gift that truly delights the recipient of that gift?

Well friend, it starts with YOU delighting in the gift you are.

Sounds good, right?

But how? You may be asking does one delight in the gift they are?

There are so many techniques and modalities to help you get in touch with the gift you are.

But I believe a simple yet profound way to begin the glorious acceptance and the delightful rejoicing in the gift you are…

is to treat yourself the way you would a precious loved one.

If you have children ask yourself this simple question…how would I treat my child if he/she felt this way, or did this?

Or if you don’t have children think about someone who is so precious to you, someone you love without condition and ask yourself…how would I treat my loved one if he/she felt this way, or did this?

Dearest, please give this a try. You’ll find it’s a beautiful and graceful way to begin being the gift you are.

To throw light on the subject, here’s a Barrier Breaking message (formerly called Plain Truth messages ) from my heart to yours:

You are a gift of Love: To question if you have Divine within you is to question where you come from. Everyone, without exception, comes from the Creation of All That Is. You may think you are less-than you are, due to outward circumstances, but you are a gift created from Love. It need not matter who your parents are, what part of the world you live in, your financial status, even your choices… be they good, or termed by you or others as bad, none of it matters… in relation to who you really are. You are a gift of love, and you are loved without question.

May you rejoice in the gift you are.

With all my love, happy holidays,


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