We all have busy schedules and big things to do.

We know that big things are important and can’t be ignored.

Yet…it’s the LITTLE things – unexpected moments, small kindnesses, inward listening – that give significance to our day-to-day, moment-to-moment living.

Much of the time it’s all too easy to blow off the LITTLE things.

Much of the time they appear insignificant.

But are they?

Some of my LITTLE Things

    • Today is Friday so I write and mail a note to my Dad. Every Friday, unless I’m visiting him on the Mainland, I write my Dad. We’re closer than we’ve ever been.
    • I stop in my busy day to hold and pet my cat. She purrs to my delight.
    • My husband interrupts me while I’m in the middle of working. I stop and give him my undivided attention. His smile melts my heart.
    • After my morning meditation I’m eager to start my day. But instead of rushing into my day, I slow down and take the time to do my 5 Rites (5-10 minute exercises). I feel more connected to my body.
    • I’m hungry and ready to grab some chips, but I pause long enough to feel what my body wants. I eat nuts instead, and I satisfy my hunger.
    • As I’m walking by my neighbor she smiles big, sets down her plant, and moves toward her fence. My first thought is…She wants to talk, and I don’t have time. But I slow down and allow her welcoming smile to draw me in; we have a delightful 10 minute chat. As I walk away relishing the conversation my thought is…I’m so grateful for my friendly neighbor.

Friend, I invite you to pay extra attention to your LITTLE things.

You never know, you may delight in a conversation.

You may feel more connected to a loved one, yourself, your body, or your pet.

You may even discover the – Significance of LITTLE things.

 With all my love and gratitude,


Gloria Boysal – Connects with a person’s soul, the Celestial Kingdom, and the Deceased.







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