Lately I’ve been talking a lot about being Happy…by asking the question, “What makes me Happy in this moment?”

Also by identifying the pleasers and teasers in our life, and by being in touch with our most important feelings.

What it all comes down to is – CHOICE!

I love the power of choice.

You and I have the power to choose at any given time.

Our power of choice is our God-given Free Will, and we all have it!

The question is…Do we own it?

There have been times in my life that I have felt I had no-choice (didn’t own my power of choice), and always without exception, this feeling of no-choice left me feeling as if I had no-power.                                                                                                                                                   Major victim hopelessness set in. Whew…wouldn’t wish that on anyone!!  A yucky place to be!

Sometimes it’s obvious when we slip into a victim facade; we feel the weight of hopelessness lying hollow in the pit of our belly.

But sometimes it’s not so obvious – this slipping into our choice-less victim stance – such as staying in an unhealthy relationship (those that are overt and covert), or giving up on something we want, or becoming something someone else wants, or letting go of our dream, or getting in power struggles, or simply just doing what is expected without question.

It’s not always easy to own our power of choice, but the cost of not owning our power of choice, is pricey. The stakes are high.

My friends, you are entitled to own your power of choice, all of YOUR life is yours to consider. You get to choose – who, how, where, what and when.

Here’s a soulful practice if you would like a little assistance in using your Power of choice.  This practice comes from the book: Awaken the Genius. I’ve taken the liberty to give it the name Power of Choice, to change it a little, as well as add to it.

Think of a circle in front of you, you may want to stand, and give the circle a color, a color that you think of as powerful. With your imagination, envision the circle filling up with your power color. Now step into your power of choice circle, close your eyes and breathe the color into your body. Envision it filling you up completely. Stay there and take as many deep power breaths as you like. Now proclaim, “I always have the power of choice, it is my birthright. I take this power of choice with me in all that I do.”

You may want to practice this several times to fully experience your power of choice.

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In full ownership and love,


P.S. I would love to hear from you. How has using or not using your power of choice affected you? Please respond below.