Ever eaten a meal that is so mouth-watering delicious that the thought of it, days or weeks later, leaves you with a yearning to eat it again?

Is there a friend in your life, that someone, you can tell anything to, be completely yourself – the good, the bad, and the ugly?

Are there creative moments in your life where you are so present that you lose track of time?

Do you own an outfit (s) that makes you smile when you see your reflection in the mirror?

If you answered yes to the above, you have Pleasers in your life.

Pleasers…totally satisfy!

And then there are teasers…

Ever grab a bag of chips but what you really want is a nice vegetable soup?

Is there a friend you spend time with but feel depleted afterwards?

Do you find yourself engaged in mindless activities that bring no fulfillment?

Is your closet filled with clothes that are okay but don’t truly reflect who you are?

If you answered yes to the above, you have teasers in your life.

Teasers…leave us wanting!

This concept (taken from the book: Thin Within by Judy Wardell) changed the way I looked at my life.  I started asking myself daily, “Pleaser or teaser?”

I asked it about everything…food, relationships, clothing, daily habits, creative endeavors, even about my home, my car, and the books I read, the shows I watched…nothing was missed under my close scrutiny.

I found my life was a mixture of pleasers and teasers.

A weeding out process was necessary!

Some things were easy…changing my office to better meet my needs, getting rid of clothes that weren’t really me, choosing not to watch shows that were violent or stupid, but, some things were tough…ending a relationship that wasn’t uplifting, paying attention to what I ate and why, exercising in a way that was most honoring for my body.

I had to care enough about my life…about me…to choose pleasers over teasers.

Take a look at your life…is it filled with mostly pleasers or teasers?

“Accept only pleasers in your life and you will experience absolute satisfaction”    Judy Wardell

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