Last week I suggested we thank our fears…now this week here I am suggesting we shower our pain with gratitude.

You may be wondering what has gotten into me.

Isn’t gratitude about giving thanks for all the wonderful things in our life?

Of course, but…until we can accept those not-so-wonderful-things, than how will we grow and attract more of the good stuff in our lives?

Yep, I would much rather go through life just enjoying the good stuff, living in JOY without any pain, but that hasn’t been my life and probably not yours either.

The truth…my life is mostly JOY-FILLED…but there were many brambles and thorns I walked through to land here in JOY-LAND.

How did I get here? I stood up to my pain…by facing my pain I was able to transform it.

You want Peace?

I’m talking about real Peace that you feel in your gut, deep and penetrating, so much so that it rises up into your heart and sits there beaming its rays.

Do you know the kind of peace I’m talking about?



Wherever you are in your life, with or without experiencing deep peace, the road to JOY is in facing whatever you are afraid you can’t face.

And since I’m all about graceful healing…I say let’s start this “facing” with giving thanks for the pain we’ve been carrying around.


Because…that pain has been a part of our growth, like it or not, and when we give thanks we are acknowledging that it is there (we are gently facing it).

Once we give thanks our layers of judgment begin peeling away.

Once we let go of our judgment we can let go of our pain and that is something to be grateful for…

Thank you for your time. I appreciate you!

In loving gratitude,


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