Most of us, if not all of us, wonder.

Our wondering stirs deep within us probing questions about the mysterious unknown. Questions that want answers.

Questions like:

What’s it like for my loved ones who have moved on?

Are they okay?

Do they have any regrets?

Do they continue to know what I’m doing with my life?

Here’s a direct response from an Other Side friend to one of the frequently asked questions:

Does my loved one have any regrets?

The response came from a deceased son to his father during a session:

If I would have known who I really was I wouldn’t have drank.

I didn’t know. If only everyone on earth could realize that it’s okay, they’re okay. I wish I would have known the truth then. I’m learning so much about self love. That’s what it’s all about – self love. I’m happy now.”

Friend, I’ve found when Connecting with those glorious ones on the Other Side that they have nothing to prove, or hide, or fear.

That’s why when they share, they share lovingly, peacefully, and with candor.

When your loved one from the Other Side shares with you…

  • You experience a lifting up of the heart.
  • You feel greater sweetness and delight
  • You quiet your fears.
  • You lay down your regrets
  • You are consoled

And you know your loved one is not gone!

You can experience the peace, the love, the connection that comes from reconnecting with your cherished deceased.

If you feel a heart-pull to reconnect with the one you’re missing, the time is now during my Flash Sale while you can still save.

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The Flash Sale is only good through April 26th.

All you need to do is email me at and write flash sale in the subject line.

We’ll get your Peace and Resolution session set up, so you can once again, through me, hear from the one you love on the Other Side.

Gloria helped me to heal my relationship with my father who was killed in an accident when I was 15. I had been in a fight with him before he died and never had time to resolve things between us until Gloria helped me reconnect with him. Now he is one of my best ally’s in this world and the other. The peace this has brought my heart is priceless.”

Adrienne Cobb

Bless you and yours,




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