For years, empty didn’t even begin to describe how I felt. I was sad, angry, confused, on guard against the entire world and all who lived in it. Something was just not right in my soul.

I knew it, but I had no idea of what or how to come to grips with all my feelings and thoughts.

That is until I began looking deep within myself.

I would never have been able to do without the loving guidance of Gloria Boysal. Her classes, seminars, sessions, courses, and life quest are amazingly eye opening. Or should I say soul opening!

Gloria will guide you with truth, honesty, but more importantly, with love.

The peace I have attained and the happiness that is now my life is beyond the measure of mere words. The person I was five years ago is unrecognizable not just to me, but to all who know me.

None of this would have been possible without the truly gifted Gloria. Any chance to read one of her books, have a session, or attend a class, course, seminar, life quest, is a must.

Don’t pass up the chance to discover the truth within of your soul.

Gloria brings it all to you in the form of love without conditions or judgment. I can think of no safer way to discover the real you than through love.

Thank you Gloria, my life will and never can be the same.” VMD

You too can discover the real you through love with…

Break FREE from Your Barriers

Break FREE from Your Barriers gives you exactly what you need to, once and for all, move beyond anything and everything that keeps you stuck.

Break FREE from Your Barriers is a 9 week program with all the personalized support you need, weekly group supportive calls, weekly teaching videos or audios, weekly barrier-breaking assignments, and unlimited email personalized support.

With Break FREE from Your Barriers you’ll let go of whatever keeps you from living a free life. A life where you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, peace in your heart, and eager expectancy for the awaiting possibilities.

Your investment to Break Through Your painful Barriers to your delightful freedom is one payment of $1200.


  • Class Begins: January 22nd and goes through March 23rd.

  • Weekly Group Supportive Calls: Thursdays at 7 PM Central (Will be recorded)

  • Weekly audio or video Instruction: Mondays at 8 AM Central (Will be recorded and sent to you)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Weekly Barrier Breaking opportunities

Breaking Through Your Barriers: go here:

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