Supreme Intelligence, sometimes I forget that You, Beloved Creator, are in charge, and I pretend I’m running the show, my show anyway.

Please forgive my ignorance and the ignorance of all others, who forget this High Truth, the Highest Truth for All Time, You and You alone, God-Almighty, are the Master Leader of All.

There is no one who is the true ring master, even if claims are made to the contrary.

Only You, Mighty One, are the Ultimate Authority.

Please assist those who are in political positions and, try as they might, hold steadfast to their illusion of authority.

Release them dearest from their bondage. They know not what they do.

Out of fear false power is born.

Quiet their fears and lead them into Your Love, so they may loosen their grip and bask in Your Divine Power, Your Rightful Power filled with Justice.

Fill them so full they get down on their knees and humbly ask for Your Divine Direction.

See them as little children, ignorant in their innocence. And grant them Your Graciousness by bestowing them with the Truth of Your Ultimate Authority.

Oh Father, bless them so they may turn their fear into Love, and forevermore relax in the knowing, God Is In Charge!

Then may they know with absolution, “I AM under the Ultimate Authority of God.”

Thank you God for running the show!


Friend, let’s turn our attention to the true power, the Saving Grace of our Creator, and know that with God All Things Are Possible!

In appreciation and truth,


P.S. This prayer is taken from my prayer book – My Heart to God’s Heart, Life Changing Prayers