She’s frustrated to the point of tears. She wants to know her purpose.

Through a fear filled voice, “If only I knew my purpose! What if I’m doing the wrong thing?”

She then says to me the phrase she believes I would use, “What if I’m not in alignment with my soul?”

First things first…calm her down enough so she can relax into the truth.

You see, she believes her purpose is her act of service, and she MUST know that what she’s doing is what she came here to do.

How about you, do you ever question if you’re living your purpose?

Do you lie awake at night wondering if you’re on the right life path?

Here’s a thought: What if your purpose isn’t connected to what you do?

What if your purpose is much simpler than that?

What if your confusion will clear (your blindness) when you decide to embrace that your real purpose is to know and accept your joy.

The Truth of YOU:

You’re here to experience joy through growth

As I share with her this truth, she says, “So you’re telling me that all I have to do is accept that I’m here to experience joy? Really, you think it’s that simple?”

I respond, “YES!”

She laughs, “Wow, I never thought it could be that simple.”

I continue, “How can we be off course if we’re joyful? Joy always leads us to more joy, which inspires us to grow, and that is what life is all about!”

She responds, “I see, I see!”

So, do you see? Have you been blind? No worries… (As we say here in Hawaii), just focus on what brings you joy.

I would love to hear from you. Do you follow your joy? Or are you struggling to figure out your purpose? If you are struggling, what happens when you relax and follow your joy?

Thanks for reading my posts…you’re the reason I write them.

Lots of love and appreciation,



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