Her parents come, not because I’ve called them forth or because it’s that kind of session (Peace and Resolution – session to connect with the deceased); they come simply to be there for her.

(Note: I’ve called them forth before so they know they’re welcomed.)

They’re excited about her session and want to be close to show their support. As they stand to the side and listen, I can feel their love pouring out to her, and at one point they actually clap their hands in pure delight for her commitment to her soulful growth.

They stand together with their arms around each other as they listen, smile, and respond. I can feel their sense of ease and contentment, as well as, their love for one another, and for life itself.

Her parents may be, what most would consider dead, yet, they are very much alive!  

The day following her session, I’m talking with a friend and I feel her deceased father off to the side. He wants his daughter to know that he’ll be traveling with her when she takes her trip next month. He says he travels a lot, but now he gets to travel with his baby (his daughter).

I’m mopping my floor and drenching in sweat, then suddenly I feel a breeze. I look up and my ceiling fan is on. I look around and wonder if my husband turned it on, but I hear him in the garage. I then chuckle as I realize it’s my mom (she’s deceased).

If you have ever wondered if you’re deceased are okay, if they know about your present life, or if they come around you – please wonder no more.

I can testify through my many connections with our Other Side friends that they’re okay (actually more than okay), they’re aware of us, they visit us, and they LIVE On!  

If you’re missing your loved ones who are on the Other Side reach out to them. Talk with them, really, they hear you.

If after sharing your thoughts with them, if you’ll quiet yourself you may hear, feel, or sense them there with you. Even if you don’t sense their presence, know that they are with you and they hear you.

A message about the truth of our deceased from Plain Truth:

 To mourn is a human condition: To mourn is the way of most. To seek solace at the time of a loved one’s transition is common. When you can’t see, hear, or touch the one you love, you feel as if their presence is missing and you experience a void. Gently reminding yourself of the truth of your loved one’s evolution may help you in the mourning process. The truth is your loved one is not gone. The truth is your loved one has moved on in her or his evolution, and is very much aware of you.

How about you? Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Do you talk with him or her? Have you sensed his or her presence? Do you believe that your Other Side family and friends Live On?

I would love to hear from you.

With all my appreciation and love,