I’m sitting in her energy before her session. (It’s akin to tuning into a specific radio station, well, kind of) I feel bubbles of joy, much like being tickled from the inside. Then I hear Pennies from Heaven song.

WOW, I know this is going to be FUN!

She answers, and I immediately talk about the Pennies from Heaven song. I’ve Googled it so I can share the words with her.

I’m so tickled that I realize I haven’t said a prayer or had us deep breathe to get focused. So after breathing deeply and saying a prayer I begin talking about her soul’s desire to experience her overflowing bucket of joy.

But…she’s concerned she’s not doing it right!

She questions aloud, “What if I’m not staying in my I AM Presence (The God within)? What if I’m in my lower self and I don’t know the difference?”

And…grappling with the possibility of not doing it right, her concern darkens into sadness.

I listen to her quiet cry and feel the depth of her anguish over rightness.

As I listen to her grieve I’m also hearing from Divine and that deeper part of her – It’s all about the JOY!

She’s being asked by Divine and her soulful Self to – totally abandon the notion of right or wrong and focus only on the joy.

As I share this truth about JOY with her I feel her get it. Her sadness lifts, and I feel a mood of spiritual peacefulness permeating from her. Ah…now we can have mutual joy!

My friends beware of calling it growth when you try whipping yourself into it, or struggle with doing it right. There is no need for torture of any kind.

If we want to grow, regardless of how we want to grow…mentally, emotionally, spiritually… in our relationships, our work, our health, our purpose… always – It’s all about the JOY!

So take a minute when you’re focused on growing and ask, (as my friend was told by her soulful self to ask), how can I have an overflowing bucket of JOY?

I couldn’t say it any better than this Plain Truth message that I love. (Note: I’ve changed the word Happy to Joyful)

To be, or not to be, joyful: Ever feel like you only have a container of joy? As if the amount of joy you may have is limited? Once your container is full, that’s it, that’s all the joy you are allowed. Or maybe you believe that when joy containers were being dished out, you were missed entirely. You may ask, “Why is it that some folks get an overflow of joy, whereas others get very little or none at all?”  Believe it or not, there is no such being as a joy genie.  There are no magic joy-wands being waved. There is not a joy fountain that you can drink from and get your fill. Nope, joy is an inside job, and there is not, nor will there ever be, a limit to how much joy you may feel. Lose your joy container, or better yet, throw it away, and voice the truth, “I am as joyful as I allow myself to be.”

How about you? I would love to hear from you.

Do you find yourself struggling with your growth? Do you worry about doing it right? Are you determined to whip yourself into shape?

What happens when you choose to joyfully grow? What happens when you focus on having an overflowing bucket of JOY?

Thanks for being here with me.

In joyful appreciation,


P.S. If you haven’t taken a look at the Live Now program – where we embrace our growth you may want to do so. It’s all about growing with JOY!



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