I sit down to write my goals for 2016 and the feeling of possibility stirs my soul with positive expectancy.

But, when I look over last year’s goals and… see that I didn’t accomplish EVERYTHING I set out to do, the strangest feeling washes over me – a corrosion of anxiousness. I whimper What if I don’t accomplish what’s left over from 2015? How in the world will I be able to accomplish my newer goals? And then the biggie: What if my life stays the same?

From enthusiasm to anxiousness in a matter of minutes

Now that my inward struggle has passed, I have to chuckle at the ridiculousness of my fear at my life staying the same. Regardless if I meet my goals or not, I AM committed to my soulful growth, and because of that commitment my life is always changing – because I AM always changing.

In fact, I know without a shadow of a doubt, as long as I stay committed to my heart whispers, I will not die with my music still inside me.

And if you stay committed to your heart desires – neither will you!

It’s imperative that we stay attentive to what expectations we give ourselves; otherwise we may find ourselves looking only to our outward signs for confirmation of our success.

True success is having the willingness to listen and abide to your heart cravings, which is the real purpose of goals – to create steps to give your heart what your heart wants.

We may, or may not, meet EVERY goal we EXPECT to meet with the timeline we set for ourselves. So WHAT!!

As long as we are listening and abiding to our stirrings of the heart we will grow, therein is the joy, and therein is – our true success.

With love and joy I send my heart-felt appreciation – thank you for being here with me,


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P.P.S. Dearest friends, it’s good to be back. See ya next week.






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