I call her, and I can feel that he is already here…waiting to reconnect. The energy is palpable, tingling with expectation.

Before I can pray or have us take in some deep breaths, he looks at his watch and shows me the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I giggle at his eagerness. (She tells me that their girls watched Alice in Wonderland the night before.)

We breathe deeply, I pray, and he understands – it’s time!

He comes toward me, and I feel the importance of what he is about to say. He professes his love and goose-bumps rise on my arms and legs and tears well up in my eyes as I feel the depth, beauty, and purity of their bond.

Once the connection is made and he knows that she knows it is him and feels the connection between them, her departed husband, with his broader-than-earthly-wisdom, shares with his beloved exactly what she needs to hear in every area of her life.

He doesn’t miss a beat. He covers everything: children, health, gifts, in-laws, future, and even cooking. He shows me a stool that he wants her to put in the kitchen so he can sit on it, watch her and help her with the cooking. (She shares with me that he had his own musician’s stool, and that he was the cook of the family.)

Her husband may be deceased but he KNOWS all about her life, and he is eager to assist her and their children in any way he can.

I remember after my first husband died that I often wished that he could know about my on-going life and all my changes. I now understand that he does know! Not only does he know what is going on, he helps me.

We don’t have to wish for our deceased loved ones to see us, or hear us, or attend an important ceremony or family gathering, or know how much we love or miss them, or meet that new special someone in our life, or help us through a difficult time, or even help us with our cooking.

We don’t have to wish…because…they do see us, hear us, attend our important ceremonies and family gatherings, know how much we love and miss them, know that special new someone in our lives, help us through our difficult times, and if need be, help us with our cooking.

Yep, I get how gone our dearly departed feel to us, but the truth is they exist. And with their broader-than-earthly-wisdom they know more about us than they did while on earth, and they are eager to help us.

So the next time you find yourself wishing your parent, or grandparent, or partner, or sibling or other relative, or friend, could be there with you – stop and thank them – because they are there with you!

Over to you: Have you had an experience of knowing that your deceased loved one was around or helped you? I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Thanks for giving me space in your heart.

In deepest gratitude,


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