I say to my friend about a loved one, “There’s a sticky point in our relationship.”
She responds in a loving tone, “You’re jealous of each other.”
I breathe deeply. Okay…why am I jealous of her?
I scan her life…hmm. Then it hits me.
I’m jealous of her family, specifically the fact that she has children.
My friend says, “You need to do your part to remedy the situation.” (My loved one’s part is her business.)

My friend, the dear-heart that she is, shares with me all the ways I can have children in my life – volunteer with exchange students, tutor kids, etc. I feel my heart open; expand, as the realization that what she is suggesting is possible.

I immediately begin checking into volunteer organizations. The one that makes my heart light up the most is Big Sisters. Then I think about the Hawaiian custom of having Hanai children. It’s a lovely part of their culture. Someone outside the family basically becomes like a second mom or dad to a child and this second mom or dad (Hanai parent) is accepted by the parents of the child.

I feel it in my bones…I want a Hanai daughter! I want to be a second mom to a child. I want to experience the child’s life with her. My mind reels with how to make it happen, and then I remember that the how is not my business. My part is to listen to my still small voice and follow my hunches. I instinctively begin praying and asking the angels to help align the perfect match, one that will serve the highest good of the child and myself, as well as the family members.
Wow! I can have a child in my life; I can be a second Mom! Tears well up as I feel the impact of having my desire fulfilled.
And…I can already feel my jealousy dissipating.

Funny, in an odd sort of way, that the simple act of giving me what I want is the key to letting go of my jealousy.
I am struck by the simplicity of the cause and solution of jealousy.
Simply stated – when you’re jealous you feel as if you cannot have what the other person has.
Give. You. What. You. Want.

What a myth… (Indeed!) To believe you can’t have what another person has. A whopping story that you tell yourself and one that holds you back from having what you want, and one that creates “stickiness” in your relationships.

I move – It’s time to declare, “Jealousy is a myth!”
Give. You. What. You. Want.
I know I am.
How about you? I would love to hear from you in the comment section.
Is there someone you are jealous of, and if so, why?
How will you give you what you want?
Thank you for being here with me.
In heartfelt appreciation,
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