I shed my veil, faded and thin

Wisps of whispers, anguished cries, long-held shadows

A BOLD Undertaking!

Stripped of pretenses

A phoenix rising out of the ashes, mucous still fresh,

Bellowing, “FREEDOM!”

My Uns – Un-Done

Unfettered, Unmasked, Unafraid,


A Victorious Resurrection!

Over to you: What happens in your life, in your heart, in your mind, when you shed your veil? (Anything is a veil if it hides who you really are…I’m talking the real, soulful YOU.)

Do you experience freedom, or peace, or bliss, or relief? What feelings arise within you when you unveil? What outcomes do you experience in your life when you stand in your truth?

I would love to hear about your unveiling.

Thanks for giving me the space in your heart.

I appreciate YOU!

In love, freedom, and appreciation,


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You deserve to live a life of growth.

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