Most of us think of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate our romantic relationships. Of course, celebrating with our loved-one can be fun and romantic!  (I love celebrating with my sweetheart.)

But what about celebrating the romance within our hearts, whether we have a partner or not?

We can delight in Valentine’s Day with or without a partner by celebrating the love within our hearts.

Go within and listen to the love-language of your heart.

How does your heart want to be romanced? Does your heart want traditional gifts?  Flowers, card, and candy…

 If traditional gifts light up your heart – self-indulge!

Or maybe gathering within your heart is the desire to be romanced in non-traditional ways.  A self-date, a pajama day, a party – anything goes!

If non-traditional gifts radiate your heart – yield to your heart!

The LOVE dwelling within your heart wants to love, grow, cherish, and play…it wants to celebrate!!

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with or without a partner.

Romance your HEART!                                                    

Happy Valentine’s Day,