I’ve had (and still have) my share of great mentors, and I’m deeply appreciative for their invaluable mentoring. In my past, any hint of discord had me running to them for answers. Nowadays, I forego dashing off to an outside source until I delve into my own interior process. It may take some deep delving, but hey…I’m worth taking the time to bring myself back to a state of harmonious balance (we all are worth it), and I trust that I have my own Inner Wisdom.

If, after my deep delving, I am not fueled with clarity…then I know it’s time to reach outside myself.  (We all need help from time to time.)

How about you…do you ever find yourself searching frantically for answers, ideas, or guidance?  Maybe you try googling for the perfect solution, or calling your closest friends, or finding the magic answer in a book, or contacting a mentor.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with reaching out, (I’m all for it) but … to reach out without reaching in…is to lose sight of your inner nudges, your repetitive thoughts, and your gut feelings.

To reach out without reaching in – is to ignore your Inner Wisdom.

You may be unsure about having Inner Wisdom. Maybe you followed what you thought was your Inner Wisdom and felt misguided, or maybe you felt you weren’t heard.

I’ve had my moments where I felt my Inner Wisdom was all dried up, as if I had a limited supply of insight. But through my devotion to my desire to hear, I began noticing that I had expectations of what I thought my insight should sound like, or look like (sometimes our insight shows us with pictures or symbols).

I had to let go of my expectations. My personal self had to make way for my Inner Self. You know that still small voice (our Inner Wisdom).

If you’re doubtful about listening to your Inner Wisdom try starting out with something small that you don’t feel anxious about…until you trust yourself with hearing your wise insight.

Reach IN and Listen to Your Inner Wisdom  

  • Quiet yourself both mentally and physically (make sure you’re relaxed)
  • Take deep breaths
  • Connect with the Divine (however you do this)
  • Ask your question
  • Continue with your deep breathing
  • Relax and affirm the answer is forthcoming (it may come in that moment or at another time).
  • Give gratitude

Make sure to listen to your inner nudges, gut feelings, and repetitive thoughts.

Your Inner Wisdom is fully intact and eager to assist you with loving guidance.

Over to you: Are you in need of an answer or some guidance? What do you hear when you go within and listen to your Inner Wisdom?

I would love to hear from you. Please comment in the comment section.

Thank you for your time.

I appreciate you.

In loving gratitude,


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