Here we are at the beginning of a New Year ripe with opportunities to create a fresh start…but before we dive into our New Year’s resolutions…let’s first take a deep breath and appreciate ALL of our Creations.  

What if we were to see everything in our life as our creation?

And what if we could fully appreciate how amazing we are at creating?

Even when we create something we believe we do not want!

  • A lousy boss…Yes, I created this lousy boss in my world!
  • An addiction…WOW, I created being addicted!
  • An overweight body…Amazing, I created being overweight!

What if we were to see everything we create as a masterful creation?

Even when the outcome is not what we believe we want!


It’s our judgments of our creations that hurt us.

When we can appreciate that we masterfully create, even when it’s masked in what we believe we don’t want, (we are only trying to take care of a need, see previous post…The Truth of Mistakes, note- Positive Intent) we can  let go of our judgments.

In letting go of our judgments we open the door for appreciation. In opening the door of appreciation we raise our vibration (our energy, our self-love).

Let’s open that door of appreciation as we review our past year and affirm:

I appreciate ALL of my CREATIONS be they person, place or thing for how masterfully I CREATED them, and for all that I’ve learned from them.

May your New Year reflect your deep appreciation for the Masterful Creator that you are.

Thank you for being here with me.

I appreciate YOU!

Infinite Blessings,



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