Lately, while working with clients I’ve been witnessing how much our beliefs create our lives…the good and the not so good, or the wanted and the not wanted. This got me to thinking about my own beliefs, which led me to take inventory of them.

Some of my beliefs:

  • Truth (whatever that is to each person) is the only way to live.
  • Dogma limits infinite possibilities.
  • Alarm clocks are hard on our natural sleeping patterns.
  • Small talk keeps conversation superficial.
  • Divine Justice always brings balance to all things. (This belief allows me to maintain peace with the injustices in the world.)
  • No matter what I go through I will come out on the other side, all the better.
  • Fighting against anything leads to more separation…
  • I AM a Beloved Creation made by and for our Beloved Creator.
  • To work to just make a living is counterproductive to our soul-calling.
  • We can rewrite our stories.
  • Connection with the Divine is our Powerhouse.

What are your beliefs?

I believe that to check out our beliefs from time to time (especially if we’re in a struggle) is vital to our growth and well-being.

If you have a belief that is not supporting you…YOU can Change it.

A belief is not set in stone, it can be overturned. It’s just a learned habit. If you created it, you can un-create it.

Some of the non-supportive beliefs I’ve changed (un-created) are – being shy, not being creative or smart or intuitive enough, a bad writer, and my partners die and leave me.

If I have the power to change my beliefs…so can YOU!

Changing Your Non-Supportive Beliefs

1st – Bring your beliefs to your awareness with the question, what do I believe about…life, family, work, God, love, my worth, etc. (A state of curiosity will allow you to let go of any judgments)

2nd – Note which beliefs support you and which do not.  (You may want to write down your beliefs)

3rd – Challenge those non-supportive beliefs by writing about why you believe that belief. (You may find it’s been passed onto you, or that your life gives you evidence that appears to be true)

4th – For each non-supportive belief answer the written question – What would I rather believe?

Now it’s time to arouse your determination and choose to anchor within you the new belief.

5th – Take one belief at a time (for 21 days or more) and reprogram your mind by affirming what you would rather believe. Quietly say your new supportive belief as your falling asleep. Repeat your new belief in the morning out loud while looking deeply into your eyes in the mirror.

(An example: I have unlimited creativity flowing through me. I AM Creative.)

We can clear our pathway of non-supportive beliefs and live the life we want.

Over to you:

If you have beliefs that are non-supportive…what new beliefs can you anchor within you to change your life?

I would love to hear about your new beliefs. Please comment in the comment section.

Thanks for your time.

In loving gratitude,