I’ve been organizing everything in my home — books, magazines, shelves, sinks (you know that place underneath the sink where stuff piles up), closets (including my walk-in closet – it’s bigger – more stuff) and my office.

As soon as I complete one task I look around and think – what’s next?

As I go about my business of organizing I begin sensing what is really going on underneath the external house-cleaning – internal space-cleaning.

It becomes apparent that my compelling urge to organize everything is opening the space for something to happen.

I’m clearing space for untapped possibilities.

My impulse to organize is my wake-up call to roll up my sleeves and get to it!

I may have many reasons (excuses) as to why I couldn’t possibly take on more.  

But I know it’s time to heed my call-to-action, and try as I might, I cannot ignore the telling signs: I’ve even organized my toilet paper into nice neat little rows!

My untapped possibilities are dying to come alive!  

Here are a few of them:

  • Rewrite 2 of my short stories
  • Learn to draw
  • Put music to my grieving meditation
  • Transcribe my Truth Talk radio show into a book

We all have untapped possibilities and they come in many forms – long-held dreams, uncompleted projects, ignored ideas, vague notions (that we dismiss).

 If you are feeling the pull to – clean, organize, throw away – don’t wait for a rainy day, it’s probably your untapped possibilities dying to come alive.   

You want to act on your untapped possibilities but not sure where to start – a little organizing may be all that you need.


I would love to hear from you:

Are you feeling a pull to organize?

What are some of your untapped possibilities?

Thanks for reading my posts; I’m deeply appreciative of your time.

Tapping in,


P.S. A side note: Now that I’ve cleared the space…my now project is transcribing my Truth Talk radio show into a book. YAY!


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