I have everything arranged, yep, my very own play date, off to the beach I go.


The day before my fun-filled free day, while taking a walk, my back suddenly had a flare of pain and the pain continued.

So I’m here on my supposedly play date sitting in my office, trying not to move too much, writing about my date instead of having it.

“What’s up with that?”

In the stillness of my heart I hear – What’s back there?

“Back where?”

Back where you don’t want to go?

My mind registers recent conversations with clients.

“Uh…what does my back pain and recent sessions have to do with each other?”

As I quickly mind-scan my recent sessions I’m jolted with an obvious point: Lately there has been a running “theme” with my clients.

Quietly with breath…ah yes… ACCEPTANCE.

I breathe deeply.  Play date, back pain, acceptance…I need the pieces to fit.

To make certain I’m tuned into my purely receptive mind I continue to focus on my breathing.

Deeply reverberating, much like echoes in a canyon, I hear: Life is a mirror, life is a mirror, life is a mirror.

As the fullness of the message affectingly oozes into my consciousness, I ask:

“What am I not accepting?”

Immediately I see a vision of myself looking into my large bathroom mirror.

The “knowing” of what to do is unquestionable…I walk into my bathroom and look into my reflection.

Deep breath. Unblinking stare. Major Revelation!

I’m afraid to ACCEPT that life can be JOYOUS, that play dates are ALLOWED, and that I can have EVERYTHING I want!

With a big out-breath, I smile reassuringly back at me…okay got it.

It’s time to affirm a new belief; it’s time to ACCEPT that I can have everything I want.

How…by looking into the mirror (my reflection) and claiming, daily if necessary, “I joyously accept having everything I want!”

Life’s reflections can change our lives, if we are willing to look into them.

What is your life-mirror reflecting back to you? Would love to hear about your reflections and what you are learning from them. Please reply in the comment section.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.

I appreciate YOU!

With full acceptance,


P.S. Check out this irony…later that day after looking into my all-telling reflection, and committing to mirror affirming, I watch a short video of Louis Hay. She looked into the host’s mirror and positively affirmed her cuteness, then talked about finding her “ding” by looking into the mirror.

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