Today in my mediation/prayer practice while doing some deep belly breathing, (the kind of breaths that bring it all to the surface), although subtle, I feel agitation in my heart region.

I question, “What is that about?” My mind is ready to race with concern.

I continue to breathe deeply and begin, with my intention, to focus the breath in my heart region. My heart begins racing. I think…Something is definitely up with me!

I know to get to the core I will have to quiet my internal dialogue. I need to listen. Deeply. Soulfully. The way I do with clients.

I go back to focusing on the breathing for several minutes. Then I ask, “What is the truth here?”

I breathe deeply and with an ear to my soul, I listen. I then see a picture of me walking along in my neighborhood (like I often do) and I am limping and saying, “Ouch, I have rocks in my shoes.”  Yet I keep walking.

I then hear: You often walk with rocks in your shoes, sometimes for quite a distance. Why do you do that? There is no need for you to walk with rocks in your shoes. If you have rocks in your shoes you simply stop and take them out.

I respond – rocks in my shoes create agitation in my heart? – Laymen’s terms please!

And then Bingo…I get it!

Where in my life am I uncomfortable, or unhappy, or confused, or stuck, or in pain? Where in my life am I not taking action?

Where are my rocks?  What am I willing to do about them?  Why am I not taking action now?

It’s time to take the rocks out of my shoes!

So right after my meditation I take action. I sit down with my husband and say…sweetheart, I have some rocks in my shoes and it’s time to take them out.  I tell him my concern, I cry and he listens.  And guess what? We take the rocks out of my shoes! The issue that I had been carrying around was immediately solved when I took action.

Next, I make some business decisions that I had been toying with for some time.  Nothing short of pure delight!

Wow…I kind of like this feeling of no rocks.

And best of all…I have a new resolve…I will boldly take action.

Anyway, who wants rocks in their shoes? I don’t. Do you?

I would love to hear from you. Do you have any rocks in your shoes and if so, what are you willing to do about them? Please respond in the comment section.

Walking with ease,


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