I so adore this time of year and all its many treasures…music, lights, decorations, gifts, tree, and what I hold most dear is the SPIRIT of Christmas…its awe, wonder, magic, generosity, LOVE.  It truly is the season to be jolly.

Sometimes though the unexpected happens and when it does you may find your volume of jolly turned down to a low.

Or you may not be in the spirit of jolly because you are grieving a lost loved one or missing being with someone.

Or maybe you’re bummed that your budget doesn’t accommodate gift buying.

Expectations can be high during the holidays, aren’t we suppose to be happy all through the season?

Yes, I love this time of year. And as grateful as I am for all the blessings of the season, I am also sad.

You see the unexpected happened. My mom is in ICU.

As delighted as I am with this magical time of year, knowing that my mom (who also loves Christmas) is in the hospital in serious condition, puts a damper on my jolly.

Instead of trying to meet the “happy” expectation of the season, I am letting myself feel however I feel.

I have moments of delight and moments of sorrow.

Regardless of the season, I know that being true to me is the biggest gift I could possibly give or receive.

The true SPIRIT of Christmas is LOVE and what better way to experience LOVE than being true to my Spirit.

My gift to you -may you too experience the true Spirit of Christmas by being true to your Spirit.

In Christmas Spirit,


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