Be thankful for fear – am I kidding – nope, I’m being serious folks.

Why would anyone want to be THANKFUL for their fear?

Because…it is REVEALING!

What does it reveal?

More than you may imagine…or may want to imagine…yet it is true, FEAR tells us so much!

Now I’m not talking about the kind of fear that comes from real danger…a swerving car, a child running in the street, a burning building, etc.

I’m talking about the fear that has nothing to do with reality but has everything to do with the stories you tell yourself. You know those tall tales that keep you up at night or keep you running in circles instead of toward the finish line.

Even though we may think of Fear as a 4-letter word, let’s be willing to do more than take a sideward glance at it…why…because behind your fear is your desire.

Think about it. What is something you fear?

Try this: Write down your fear, take a deep belly breath into the fear, and now ask yourself, “What do I want?”

You’ll find a burning desire sitting at the bottom of your scary story.

So are you ready to let that deep desire that is yearning to be set free, OUT!

If so you’ll want to treat your frightened feelings with loving GRATITUDE, after all, you created them to protect you.

To shower your FEAR with the gratitude it deserves, breathe deeply into it and thank it and send loving energy to it. (You may do this by imagining rays of light going into wherever you feel the fear in your body).

Let your fear know that you appreciate that it has been there to protect you from your imagined scary story.

No need to run or hide from it, make friends with your fear.

It is by making friends with your fear that you will be able to let it go.

Do you have some fearful feelings around getting through the holidays without a loved one?

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Thank you for your time, I appreciate you!

In gratitude,


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