Are you ready to rise above the “ME” you think you are?

 In his book, Reinventing Yourself, the author Steve Chandler says, we can choose who we are and we can reinvent ourselves from moment to moment. That no matter who we have invented ourselves to be, even if we have invented ourselves to be someone mediocre, we don’t have to be stuck there, we can reinvent ourselves to be someone great.

 It is a CHOICE.                                                                                                                                               

 WE can be someone GREAT!

 We don’t have to be trapped in being who we think we are.

I love how he proves this truth… He states, “If we think personalities can’t change, hand someone a baby and watch their personality change.”

I had a trapped idea of who I thought I was, in fact, if I hadn’t stepped out of this trap, I would not be doing what I am doing today or what I have done over the last couple of decades.

I was trapped in believing I was a shy person, can you imagine, it’s true. I believed I was so shy that there were many times as a child I wouldn’t answer the teacher. I remember getting a U in conduct because I wouldn’t talk! I also remember as a teenager, while working in a donut shop, my employer telling me if I didn’t ask the customers what they wanted she would have to fire me.

 All because I believed in my trapped version of myself…!

 Thank God, and I do mean that literally, I didn’t stay in that trap.

 I didn’t make a big shift-a-roe- quickly, nope, I took baby steps, and I do mean baby steps, starting with the donut shop. My motivation was high I didn’t want to get fired.  Here’s how it went…a customer would walk in and I would feel my heart pound as I told myself, “You have to talk.” At first it was just a whisper…barely audible, “May I help you?” 

But folks, I persevered, heart-pounds and all.  

By the time I quit a few years later, (like I said I took baby steps) when a customer walked in, my now quite audible, full of enthusiasm voice would say, “Hi, how are ya today? May I take your order? A cup of coffee to go with those donuts…? Thank you, come back again.” 

 I’d like to tell you that overcoming my shyness at the donut shop was the end of my limiting, made-up version of me, but no, I had to reinvent myself over and over again.     

 Each time I did (a few of my beginnings…at a preschool presenting at a staff meeting, talking in front of 6 women as a Mary Kay Consultant, speaking up in college, my first workshop on Parenting) I felt EMPOWERED!

As I made my way through, (sometimes my palms, and other body parts, were so sweaty I wondered if people were looking at my sweat) my feelings of success gave me such JOY!

 I think it’s funny that after all that I’ve went on to do: classes, workshops, seminars, retreats, radio, (always the leader and talking to groups of people) I sometimes find myself thinking, “I’m not sure I can do this, I’m shy.”   

 I laugh, take a deep breath, and do it!

 Who have you told yourself you are?  Is there more to you than you have invented yourself to be?

 No excuses, (your life depends on it, well, the life you dream of) breathe deeply, and take that first baby step, crawl if you need to, but take a small action step NOW!

 I promise you, you will be glad you did.

 Thanks for your time, I so appreciate YOU!

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