Surrender into Love

As I ponder what to write while thinking about my ever-changing life, a poem I recently wrote comes to mind.

A Choice Moment


The all pervasive sniper


Posed for attack


The deep penetrating ally


Hearkened into surrender

Attack or Surrender – A Choice Moment


Upon writing the poem I inwardly smile and think…I have a choice.

Of course, I or anyone given the choice would choose to surrender into LOVE.

So how do we surrender into love?

I have a way that I or anyone can bathe in Love, Love we hold within and Love from the Divine.

The way is through our breath.

We can with the power of our breath, breathe in LOVE.

With our intention we focus on our heart region and we envision love (we may choose to give love a color) coming directly from Divine into our hearts.

We pause and allow the breath (love) to expand within our hearts and as we slowly exhale we envision the love permeate throughout our body, again we may choose to give the love a color as it flows.

You may wish to add an affirmation with the breath.

I like to say: I come from Love (with the inhalation), I AM made of Love (with the pause), and I AM Love (with the exhalation).

I think I’ll take in some deep breaths and focus on surrendering into Love; after all, it’s my Choice.




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