Left to right: My brother Frankie, sister Patsy, and brother Jimi at a family reunion

No one escapes the transformative experience of a loved one moving on to the Other Side. (Or as most of us are taught, the death of our loved ones.)

We all, like it or not, must face death. The death of our loved ones and the inevitable knowing of our own death.

Well friend, death has come knocking at my door.

My brother Jimi, died in a car accident on March 7th.

When my sister called and said, “Jimi passed over,” I howled and screamed, and cried from a heart-wrenching, deep core place.

“NO!” screamed through my being.

Swamped in confusion and heavy with sadness, concern for my sister registered, and I tried to gain my composure and calm the tumultuous beating of my heart.

I willed myself to breathe deeply. And then the avalanche of emotions took over again, and again, until spent, I sat listless.

That was a month ago.

I’m still moving through my grieving process. Some days feel more normal. Others are filled with tears on and off.

I’m reminded of how grieving is a process. One we each go through in our own way. And I’m finding my way day by day.

My heart is filled with so much love. And even more compassion for others whose hearts are still grieving for their loved one.

I’m glad to be back in touch with you here, and to update you on where I’ve been.

I’ll close with a lovely prayer I wrote and shared on Facebook that might help you too:

For those of us grieving: (and a reminder for everyone)

Death is not an ending

Death is the doorway for renewal.

When one reaches the other side the ill wills…the headaches of doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, etc. disappear in the winds.

Evolution does not end when one leaves one’s temporary home to go to one’s eternal home.

To grow is the way of All That Is… be it an animal, a plant, or a human.

To stop growth would be to stop the eternal expansion. The expansion is everything and it will not stop, regardless if one is on earth or beyond.
There are no endings, you always exist.

There are no endings, you always exist.

Death is simply a continuation of life without the struggles of living on earth.

Much love to you,


p.s. I shared more of my story here and here.

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