Ever been there?

In that place of knowing your heart is pulling you into a direction (something that will surly help you be more joyfully who you are), yet instead of listening to your heart call, you dig in your heels?

A few weeks ago, while in meditation, I heard that I was to give a soulful retreat for women in St. Louis.

My first reaction to the idea – I have plenty going on right here.

Even though my heart lept as I felt the sweet energy of it…I resisted.

Dearest, what do you do when you have a heart call?

Do you listen to your soul’s yearnings regardless of the yapping of your outer mind?

Or do you try to pretend it’s not important? Or busy yourself to try to ignore it?

Do you think it will go away?

My experience is NEVER!

Our hearts want – what our hearts want!

And no amount of trying to convince ourselves otherwise will make our soul’s yearning go away.

Friend, when we have a soulful heart call it’s our Inner Self trying to Express itself, trying to live its Highest Expression. (trying to expand our joy)

Regardless what our personality (mind, ego, fear, belief, etc.) may think about our soul call (hold onto your seats) its thought about it – is UNIMPORTANT!

That’s why when I got that it was a soul call, when I got that my soul’s Highest Expression wants to express itself by giving a Highest Expression retreat, well, let’s just say my resistance became amoot point.

A little Plain Truth wisdom on the matter:

Growth is the Answer:

If you will allow yourself to flow with your desires of the heart – you will experience a rich life filled with joy. To try and stop your growth, to put a damper on those desires that pull at your heart strings, is to zap the joy from living. Take notice of those dreams. For in your dreams is your growth opportunity, therein lies the SECRET to a joy filled life.

So how about you?

Are you allowing your joy to expand?

Are you listening to the desires of your heart?

Are you living your Highest Expression?

If not, quiet yourself, take in some deep breaths and ask, “What baby step can I take NOW to begin living my Highest Expression?

Take the step, friend, whatever it is.

Your soul’s Highest Expression is gifting you with the secret to a joy filled life.

So go ahead and accept the gift, take the step. And experience the secret of living in joy! 

To your JOY…

With all my love,


P.S. Friend, if you feel a heart-pull toward participating in the Highest Expression Retreat with me and other like-minded (and heart-minded) women, please email me ASAP. I’m offering this soulful retreat to a limited number of women. I’ll promptly get back to you with the details and answer all your questions.