I remember when my first teenage love took his earthly life by shooting himself.

I felt so guilty that I couldn’t help him. And, on top of that guilt, I felt deep regret that the last time I saw him I didn’t say goodbye.

As a teenager I didn’t have the resources or the understanding to process through my grief guilt-free.

Now as I connect with the deceased (can’t beat that resource) I have a much clearer understanding of the pointlessness of guilt.

From the mouth of a deceased whom I refer to as Sir James (he likes the title):

Many on earth are burdened with guilt about their one over here in the land of milk and honey. What they fail to know is that what took place between them while on earth is understood and accepted without condition. Up here in the Heavens we do not hold grudges. Our eyesight is clear, and we see without the narrowness of limited understanding. Because we understand the ins-and-outs of ourselves and our loved ones we accept all acts of behavior as a learning experience…nothing more or nothing less. To feel guilty about what you did or did not do to your deceased (Remember they’re alive elsewhere.) is a burden that serves no one.

…and from my Plain Truth writings on deceased:

They see, hear, and understand with a wider perspective because they are no longer limited by earth’s restraints. Because they have a broader perspective than while on earth, they can understand so much more about all earthly matters, and most especially about those they love.

If they’ve been weighed down with hurts or misgivings while on earth they can release them due to their fuller understanding.

How about you?

Do you hold onto guilt for a deceased loved one?

If you find yourself weighed down with guilt try taking a moment and thinking about how your deceased view your behavior…as a learning experience.

You may want to ask yourself what you learned from the experience. Take a moment and really give thought to your learning.

If after giving thought to your learning you still feel some remnants of guilt begin to let yourself off the hook with forgiveness.

The Hono Pono Prayer said aloud is a graceful way to forgive you:

I love you, I’m so sorry, please forgive me, thank you.


Remember in the eyes of your deceased ALL is understood and accepted.

Friend, remember I told you I have a new FREEBIE well here it is.

If you’ve always wondered about the deceased, wonder no more. I have compiled my 6 most frequently asked questions about our friends on the Other Side, and I’ve taken the answers directly from them.

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Thanks for your time and attention.

I appreciate you.

Blessings to you and yours,


Gloria Boysal– Connects with your soul, the Celestial Kingdom, and your deceased.