Hope you’ve been enjoying the Breaking Free videos I’ve been sharing over the last few weeks.

Friend, I knew from a deep heart place that making videos was my next step.

Although I knew this to be true, I have to admit, that the making of the video series was quite a learning journey.

My first hurdle was to release my resistance. (Typical starting place for most of us.)

Once I quieted my resistance and chose to move forward, it was time to face my next hurdle, my uncomfortable-ness. (Being on camera is not my favorite thing! )

To work through my discomfort I went back to my younger years as a successful speaker. I envisioned myself getting ready to step onto the stage.

I remembered it like it was yesterday.

My body, that never lies, would give away to my fear – a throat that felt like bread was lodged in it, shaky knees that felt like jello, and a stomach that felt like a stampede of horses was running through it.

But just about the time that I felt like I couldn’t possibly get on that stage, I would do what I call a little switch-a-roo.

I’d shift my focus from thinking about myself to thinking about my audience.

I’d go within and breathe deeply, and I’d think about how much I could be of help to the good folks waiting to hear from me. Then I’d envision them smiling, and I’d feel their hearts opening.

Once I connected to the energy of my audience, I’d freeze-frame those feelings by breathing them deep within my heart.

By then I knew I could, and would, get on that stage.

Or in this case make those videos.

You see, friend, that’s what happens when you let your heart’s desire to be of service (or when you listen to your heart’s yearnings) become more important than what people might think of you…

As soon as your focus goes to what you can do or how you can help, (or how you can take that first baby step toward your heart’s yearnings) your heart opens and your fears become quiet.

So is there something you yearn to do but fear what others will think of you?

Go ahead and try it…make a choice to take the focus off of your fear and put your focus on your act of service, or put your focus on your heart’s yearnings.

Bring forth your imagination and breathe in your desired outcome as if it’s already happened. Or step, like I did, into a past success and relive it.

Dearest, in the previous video I talked a lot about compassion. Well I can think of no greater way to be compassionate toward oneself than to listen and abide to one’s heart.

For when you choose to allow the heart to do what the heart does best – guide your life decisions – you experience the fullness that your life has to offer.

And your life has much to offer!

To your freedom…

With all my love,


P.S. More videos to come in the spring.

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