Have you ever made a goal to be more…loving or compassionate or patient or…(fill in the blank)?

Do you start out full of verve, determined to embody that Higher Quality? (I define a Higher Quality as one that holds a high vibration.)

Do you find you push yourself to embody the quality instead of allowing yourself,through the power of loving compassion, to relax into it?

How do you feel when you fall short?

Friend, you can not embody a High Quality such as love, or kindness, or peace, or compassion by pushing yourself into the integration of it .

Those of us in the Break Free from Your Barriers course, that I’m presently teaching, are discovering what it means to embody the High Quality of Compassion.

We’re discovering the importance of not pushing against something.

We’re finding that we can relax into the High Quality of compassion.

We’re experiencing that by relaxing into it we can move forward with ease and even joy.

We’re discovering to embody the quality of compassion (or any Higher Quality) to relax into it, all we need to do is to love ourselves.

How are we loving ourselves into it?

By letting go of our judgements with self-acceptance.

And one of the most graceful ways we’re doing that is…

We’re breathing deep within our heartsGod’s Loving Acceptance.

We breathe deeply and give God’s Loving Acceptance a color and envision this color pouring into our hearts.

Then on the exhale we envision God’s Loving Acceptance (with the color) move through our bodies. (The idea is to give God’s Loving Acceptance whatever color feels good to you.)

Some of us are breathing in God’s Loving Acceptance at night before we sleep or in the morning when we wake.

Some of us are even reliving our day before sleeping. We bring back to mind any instance where we felt an emotion other than love. We pause that love-less moment and breathe God’s Loving acceptance into it.

I can think of no greater way to experience deep compassion for oneself than to feel the acceptance of our Beloved Creator.

As the wise Dalai Lama has said:

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

I appreciate YOU!

With all my Love,


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