You Know What You Know – Your Gift

I’m glad you’ve joined me for You Know What You Know.

Let’s make the not-right-feelings, RIGHT.


Enjoy the audio below along with the 7 steps to break your barriers.


You know what you know

Step 1.

You Know What You Know – Breathe deeply and ask, What do I know?

What do you know about your work, your creativity, your relationship(s), your body, your money? What do you know about your LIFE?!

Step 2.

Accept What You Know – by breathing in deeply, calmly, and gently, and firmly talking to yourself the way you would a precious loved one.

It’s okay to know what I know. I’ll be okay. I can take it one step at at time. I’m not alone, I can call on support.

Step 3.

Write What You Know – Write it down, get it down on paper. Let your thoughts and feelings express without any concern of how it sounds. (Remember this is for your eyes only.)

Step 4.

Bring in Compassion – Say this powerful prayer (Name of prayer is Hono Pono) 3 times outloud in the mirror while looking deeply into your eyes.

I love you. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” (Repeat often if feel necessary.)

Step 5.

Allow with LOVE – Quiet yourself, take a few breaths, and ask, “What do I need to feel safe enough to lovingly move forward with what I know? BREATHE. LISTEN.

Step 6.

Create the Safety – Follow through on what you heard and give you what you need to create the feeling of safety within you. (Take your time with this.)

Step 7.

Take the First Step – Now that you feel safe, it’s time to Break your Barrier and take whatever action you need to LIVE what you KNOW.

Take that ACTION – Break Your BARRIER

And Know What YOU Know

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