The Plain Truth with Gloria Boysal

The Plain Truth with Gloria Boysal

Where the straight-as-an-arrow truth pierces through illusions, fears and prejudices.

It is Divine wisdom accessed for you, and shared with you so that you too can know and feel the Truth of who you are.

It is a podcast and the written word speaking directly to your heart and Soul.

Gloria Boysal has dedicated her life to connecting with the Divine. And through the power of her loving, divine guidance she has assisted 1000’s of people to rise above all that limits them.

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The Pieces of the Puzzle are ALL There – the Plain Truth of YOU

Friend, here’s a Plain Truth message for you. Breathe deeply and read it as – YOUR Truth. Notice what thoughts or feelings arise within you.

To think that you need something that you can’t find is to believe that you are missing something either within you or within your life.

There is nothing missing within you!

If you will come home to self, which is the same as being true to your heart, you will find that you either have within you, or within your capabilities, (yes, it’s true, you may need to develop that which you are seeking) to bring that which you feel is missing into your life.

For example, if you yearn to be a singer then you can develop your voice. If your yearning is a soulful, heartfelt yearning you will have what you need within to fill it.

However, if it’s a yearning that stems from a need to be approved of, or appreciated, or loved, you will not find what’s missing by trying to make yourself be something you’re not.

You need not search outside you to find what you feel is missing…you have within what you need to fill your yearning.

How does it feel to know you have within you what you need to fill ANY and ALL yearnings?

Do you accept this truth?

If you question this truth, breathe deeply and ask yourself, “What do I need to accept the truth of who I AM? Listen closely for your heart knows what you need to fully accept the truth of you.

I believe in YOU!

I thank you for reading my posts.

In deep appreciation,


P.S. More about my upcoming Plain Truth book later.

To be or not to be

Don’t bemoan the world’s predicaments.

To be someone who sits around and chooses to use his or her energy to bemoan…does not a captain make.

If you want to make a positive difference in the world, choose not to be one who bemoans. Instead choose to be one who uplifts. You may choose an uplifting action, or prayer, or affirmation.

Which will you choose…to be or not to be one who bemoans?

Your choice will either add fuel to the fire or dampen it. To be or not to be…it’s your choice.

The right of one is the right of all

You have the right to live the way you feel led to live, and all others have the same right. As long as your rights do not impinge upon another your rights are to be adhered.

To think that some have rights and others do not…is a mistake, which can be fatal for oh-so-many. To believe that anyone on earth has the right to determine the rights for another is to try and wear the crown of the Most High.

Let go of trying to get another to live the way you deem appropriate and give them the same courtesy you expect for yourself.

Live and let live…are high truth words, that when respected, provide the way for the rights of all, and in any case, the right of one is the right of all.    

The bigger they are the harder they fall

Do not be intimidated by those who appear to be bigger regardless of how they appear bigger…in size, in status, in reputation, in beauty, in wealth… all are equal.

This is not just a pretty platitude, it is truth!

You are no more or no less than anyone else.

Society may create standards to determine who is important and who is not, but on an eternal level, which is what counts, society’s standards hold no weight.

On an eternal level everyone is seen as creations of importance. Hold your head high and know… you are important!

Justice is held regardless of appearances to the contrary

Do not lose sleep over injustices for all injustices will be brought back to a state of justice.

With the naked eye you will not be able to see the Most High remedies that will rectify the injustice. Justice is always held by the Most High.

If someone creates an injustice he or she will have to bring their injustice back to a state of justice or balance, because an injustice is an imbalance, and all imbalances will come back into a state of balance, the Most High will see to it.

Human lawmakers are not the ultimate decision makers

No vetoing power can control universal laws.

Do not be fooled by a status of power. No held degree of power can dictate what ultimately happens. The world does not go round because some politicians voted for it to do so.

There are powers much greater than human powers. And the greater powers of the Most High are the ultimate decision makers.

Freedom is your birthright

The stars and stripes and symbols on your flags are arranged to represent FREEDOM.

Freedom was never meant to be decided by one human for another. Freedom is a given. It is the gift of God for all God’s creations.

The act of deciding who has the right to be free and who doesn’t is a blasphemous insult from humans everywhere!

You worry about taking the Lord’s name in vain yet believe you can choose for one his FREEDOM! There is no greater blasphemy!

Respect across the board

Across all nations, in parliament or the White House, in the slums or the affluent, tribal or industrial, disrespect is an act of dishonor against another.

Humility toward all is the way of brotherhood.

To treat one as insignificant is to treat a Divine Creation as if that one isn’t Divinely created.

All are created from Divinity.To respect Divinity is to respect across the board…one and all alike.

There are many shades

Just as there are many shades of colors, there are as many shades of people. And like colors there is not one that is better than another.

Yes, you may have a preference regarding what shade you prefer but a preference does not make it better.

Every color is beautiful just as all people are beautiful.

Likeness of one to another or difference from one to another, it matters not. All colors, as all people, are perfectly made in their uniqueness.

Yes, there are many shades and each adds to the perfection of the world.

To be, or not to be, happy

Ever feel like you only have a container of happiness? As if the amount of happiness you may have is limited? Once your container is full, that’s it, that’s all the happiness you are allowed.

Or maybe you believe that when happiness containers were being dished out, you were missed entirely. You may ask, “Why is it that some folks get an overflow of happiness, whereas others get very little or none at all?”

Believe it or not, there is no such being as a happiness genie.

There are no magic happiness-wands being waved.

There is not a happiness fountain that you can drink from and get your fill.

Nope, happiness is an inside job, and there is not, nor will there ever be, a limit to how much happiness you may feel.

Lose your happiness container, or better yet, throw it away, and voice the truth, “I am as happy as I allow myself to be.”