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You Can Get Beyond Your Projections

You Can Get Beyond Your Projections

Ever feel like you just can't get beyond your projections (you know all those things others do that hurt you). Ever feel like you can't relax into, and share, the love that you know is inside of you? I understand. I remember when my projections (old wounds, hurts,...

You Can Have Real Lasting Happiness

You Can Have Real Lasting Happiness

While holding my hand and taking a walk with me, my husband smiles and says, “You’re doing better.” I smile back and say, “I am! Aren’t I?!” I then say, “You’re doing better too.” He returns my smile and says, “I Am!” We walk a while without any words between us, each...

Are You Committed?

Are You Committed?

Do you ever feel like you know there’s more to who you are? I had some clients/friends on a call asking me how I got to be who I am. They were referring to my gift of connecting to other’s souls and the Celestial Kingdom, and I believe they were also referring to my...

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